Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Best Places for Him to End Up

Brad WashingtonCorrespondent IIJuly 3, 2012

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When I say no one is happier than me that Dwight Howard asked for a trade to go elsewhere from the Orlando Magic, I mean that.

The question is, where will this annoying superstar land?

If you ask me, I would say anywhere so that he can be quiet and actually live up to his offensive potential, but that’s another story for another article.

Let’s get to the rumors, shall we. Past few days we’ve been hearing how the Orlando Magic superstar wants out and would prefer to be traded to the newly christened Brooklyn Nets (per ESPN).

The move will look even better if Deron Williams decides to re-sign because of the arrival of Joe Johnson (as reported by the Associated Press, per The Daily Tribune).

But is the move truly the right one? Although I am a fan of his, Williams' field goal percentages and assists have dipped since his trade to the Nets. I’ll blame that on the depressing culture that was New Jersey, though—no All-Star would want to be in his shoes.

With a slumping All-Star in Deron Williams and Joe Johnson's ability to under-perform, in reality, the move may be good, or may not. But luckily on paper, this new Big Three can be successful—and anything can happen when you look at things on paper.

The second rumor, according to ESPN's John Hollinger, is Dwight may end up in Atlanta alongside Chris Paul next summer. I’m going to shoot this down because I personally don’t want to go through the same foolishness I saw this past season.

The move is great, actually, because he and Paul will be free agents next summer. But again, I believe people are ready for him to leave Orlando, and it’s not because he deserves to.

Third main trade rumor for Dwight Howard is for him to go to the Houston Rockets, who out of nowhere became hotshot contenders with the dealing of Samuel Dalembert (per Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski).

If you look at the Rockets, they have point guard Kyle Lowry, shooting guard Kevin Martin and forward Luis Scola. None of them are stars, even though Sacramento tried to force Martin to be one.

Enter Dwight Howard, and possibly Deron Williams, and each of these players will be the tires on a car the way they should be. The West is starting to become top-heavy, and a new emerging power will only make it interesting.

Kevin Martin can play the role of Luol Deng; the third option. I smell proficiency for the first time in years for him.

Wojnarowski also reports one of the final trade rumors for Dwight Howard. This is, of course, America’s favorite choice: the Los Angeles Lakers.

Andrew Bynum began to come into his own last season, leading many to say he was better than Howard. If I were choosing who would be my final piece to a puzzle, though, I’m going with Superman.

Kobe isn’t getting younger, and Pau Gasol will continue to make Laker fans' blood pressures rise. Howard can be that dominant force inside that the Lakers have been missing since Shaq.

Also Kobe won’t have time for Howard diminishing his talents. Dwight needs motivation, and the move to the Lakers will, in my opinion, make him leaps and bounds a better offensive player.

Wherever Dwight goes will be fine with me, honestly. But the Lakers make the most sense because of the talent and a “proven” coach who’s already there. But please, get him out of Orlando.