Wrestlemania 25 Poster Released: Austin's Match Possibility?

Myles HubbardCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

I'm a make this article short and sweet. As you can see above, the man in the middle is The "Texas Rattle Snake" Stone Cold Steve Austin. And to top it all off, he has his entrance vest on.
It's not confirmed that he will have a match at the big one, but it just seems more likely as time goes on. He certainly is to going to participate in WrestleMania some kinda way. It's been reported that he has been on a vigorous training program to get himself in shape. Austin has said that he's been  working as hard as he ever has in his life. I just hope that he doesn't overdue himself with his training, especially for just one match.
That means that the WWE has something big planned for the fans at Mania. Who knows who Austin could be facing? There's been talk that Y2J could be his opponent. Some have said maybe even Orton could face Austin. But here's one that I guarantee hasn't come to anybody's mind—Santino Marella!
Hey, it's a possibility. I mean he never got Austin back for giving him and Maria a beer bath last year. With that said, feel free to leave your comments and vote on the poll if you like. Be good.