Previewing No Way Out: Finlay vs Jack Swagger (ECW Championship)

DozerCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

After successfully defending his ECW Championship against former champion Matt Hardy at the Royal Rumble, Jack Swagger decided to throw himself a party. There was just one small problem.

His ECW Championship was missing. Turned out that Hornswoggle had it. Swagger didn't take kindly to Hornswoggle stealing his belt. So he decided to push Hornswoggle to the mat.

Finlay wouldn't stand for that, as he leveled Swagger with his own ECW Championship title belt. Finlay clearly sent Swagger a message, as Finlay pinned Swagger's shoulders to the mat one-two-three. Swagger was no longer undefeated on ECW or anywhere.

It was then announced that at No Way Out, Swagger would be defending his ECW Championship against Finlay in a one on one encounter. Will Swagger prevail, or will the luck of the Irish be on Finlay's side tonight?

I don't think it's as easy as that anymore, not after what happened this past Tuesday on ECW. This past Tuesday, Christian made his long awaited return to the WWE. He challenged the winner of Swagger VS Finlay for the ECW Championship.

Swagger said that Christian was no threat to him. In turn, Christian leveled him with a shot to the head with his microphone. Later that night, Christian handed Swagger his second loss in a row, his second ever.

I would love to see Finlay finally win a world title, but with his gimmick, I don't foresee him winning tonight. Plus if he did, that would set up a Face vs Face feud for the ECW Title...and I just don't see that happening.

I have a feeling that Christian might be at ringside for Guest Commentary for this match, and will probably have a hand in determining the outcome. I predict that Swagger will beat Finlay to retain the ECW Championship.