5 NFL Teams Guaranteed to Make Big Changes During Training Camp

Jeff Kayer@thereal_kmanCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2012

5 NFL Teams Guaranteed to Make Big Changes During Training Camp

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    With NFL training camps set to start this month, football fans everywhere are starting to get excited.

    Starting position battles, fantasy football drafts, and the smell of sweat, grass and blood.  It is all set to come back in just a few weeks, and stay with us until the freezing winds of February. 

    For some teams, training camp is business as usual.  Teams like the New York Giants, New England Patriots and even the San Francisco 49ers, though to a lesser extent, have much of their roster in place.

    But for other teams, training camp means making changes to a team to try and improve their chances for the 2012 season.  It may mean an overhaul, or just subtle changes to tweak a roster that may be ready for contention.

    What teams are locks to make some changes?  Let's look at the five that are guaranteed to look different after training camp is over. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    To me, Seattle is a team that is lacking an identity—and that starts with the fact no one has a clue what is going on with their quarterback situation. 

    Tarvaris Jackson had moderate success in 2011, but the team signed highly touted free agent Matt Flynn.  However, Russell Wilson was a surprise third-round draft pick which now calls into question just who head coach Pete Carroll plans to have taking the snaps.

    It was believed that Flynn was their new franchise guy, but all accounts thus far show that it's a pretty open competition.

    But with Kellen Winslow now in town to compete for the starting tight end spot, a quarterback carousel and an unpredictable coach, you know things will always be different in Seattle.

Denver Broncos

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    With Peyton Manning comes change.

    New pieces have come to Denver—along with Manning—at every position, which means things will have to be sorted out during training camp.  Who will be his go-to guy at wide receiver?  At this point, no one has a clue.

    The only sure thing is this: Denver's offense will look completely different than when Tim Tebow was at the helm. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    When you're a team in disarray, changes are bound to happen. 

    The Jags have an under-performing second-year man at quarterback with a veteran backup.  Maurice Jones-Drew is not getting any younger, either.

    Justin Blackmon looks like a legit No. 1 receiver, but he can't stay out of trouble?

    Their defense is a group of relative no-names with no dominant performers, so who knows what changes will be made there?

    Despite playing in a weak division, the Jaguars have so many uncertainties on their roster, they may well end up as the worst team in the league.

    Guaranteed changes here?  Yeah, you can count on it.

Indianapolis Colts

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    When you are rebuilding an entire franchise, you can bet there will be changes made during training camp.

    Having a new roster is change enough, but a new general manager and a new coach?  Other than Andrew Luck and Dwight Freeney, no one on the roster is safe.

    There are new players at virtually every position on the field.  The good news for players is that there are going to be competitions all over the place.

    The bad news is for returning veterans who used to be safe, as this is the kind of situation where you could go from being a starter to riding the bench all year.

    In 2012, there is no bigger guarantee for roster changes than in Indianapolis. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    With new coach Greg Schiano leading the way—and a few new players to fit into the mix—there will likely be changes coming from Tampa.

    An interesting case will be what happens to running back LeGarrette Blount after the Bucs drafted Doug Martin in the first round.  Despite being a highlight machine, it is possible Blount becomes the backup.

    Then there is Vincent Jackson coming to the team.  What happens to a guy like Mike Williams?  Dallas Clark is also new to town.

    And then you have a young defense that was supposed to take the league by storm in 2011.  Who are the ones Schiano will like?  Which ones may get cut? 

    Many questions are abound for Tampa Bay fans, and the roster as presently constructed will almost certainly have changes made before camp is done.