WWE: Ranking the 10 Greatest Promos by Brock Lesnar's Representative Paul Heyman

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 4, 2012

WWE: Ranking the 10 Greatest Promos by Brock Lesnar's Representative Paul Heyman

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    Paul Heyman has been one of wrestling's greatest bookers, promoters, managers and mouthpieces.  His promos have seared and shocked.

    Whether he was the head man for ECW, Brock Lesnar's personal agent or the leader of the Dangerous Alliance, Heyman has showed time and time again how much of a supernova he is with the microphone.

    Pro wrestling has been lucky to have Heyman's intellect, ideas and charisma at its disposal.

    From his early work in AWA to his backstage pep talks, he has long been a marksman with words.

    Though it's been fun to have him back, WWE is never going to be where Heyman thrives.  He is at his best as an outsider, a rebel, an angry prophet. 

    Note: Some of these videos feature explicit language and are not safe for work.  

10. The Next Big Thing

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    A big part of Brock Lesnar's success has to be attributed to the presence of Paul Heyman.  Having Heyman by his side, pumping him up, further legitimized him and gave him an added aura of intensity.

    In this promo, Heyman works the crowd as the green Lesnar only has to stand there looking angry and flexing his pecs.   

    Using his high-level vocabulary and comfort in front of a crowd, Heyman began to convincingly hype up Lesnar. 

9. Rob Van Dam

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    During the period of the watered-down, relaunched ECW, Paul Heyman screwed Rob Van Dam out of the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

    Surrounded by police in riot gear, in complete control of the crowd, Heyman proceeded to cut a disturbing and enthralling promo.

    He spoke of stigmata and being the fans' savior.  Heyman had no trouble taking the plunge into a full-on comparison of himself with Jesus.    

    When he says that "forever stamped on the soul of Paul Heyman are the letters ECW," it's hard not to believe him. 

    The promo begins at about 3:25 in the video.

8. TNN

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    In 1999, TNN began to broadcast ECW.  Despite being a ratings success, ECW's show was shoved aside not long after for WWE Raw

    This promo was a thank you to the fans, but more memorably a bitter and belligerent message to TNN and WWE. 

    In part, it was the edginess of the product that brought fans to ECW, but it was also because of a feeling of belonging to a rebel club. 

    Heyman helped foster that feeling, here and otherwise. 

7. WCW Halloween Phantom

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    Before the formation of the WCW version of the Dangerous Alliance, Paul Heyman revealed that the Halloween Phantom was his new client, Rick Rude.

    Ignoring the silliness of the Phantom angle, it's undeniable how compelling he is.  This is one of his louder promos, spilling his anger out for the camera to see. 

    He hadn't yet become as nuanced with his mic work as he would in later years, but he was clearly a star. 

    He played the whiny, weasel businessman to a tee.

    Heyman's part begins at about 1:03 in the video.

6. Heyman Mocks Brock Lesnar

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    Paul Heyman continued the tradition of screwing champions out of their titles at Survivor Series when he turned his back on Brock Lesnar. 

    After he shifted his allegiance to Big Show, Heyman did some of his best mic work while explaining his actions.  Heyman's impression of Lesnar is not that spot on, but funny nonetheless. 

    Heyman drew major heat from the crowd.  They waved pro-Lesnar signs while they booed and witnessed Heyman's masterful performance. 

    He spoke of wanting all the credit for Lesnar's credit and said that Lesnar had begun to ignore his advice. 

    In his words: "The monster stopped listening to Dr. Frankenstein."

5. Guilty as Charged

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    By the end of 2000 and very beginning of 2001, ECW was nearing its demise.  Guilty as Charged ended up being the company's final pay-per-view. 

    A simple card change announcement turned into dynamic motivation in Heyman's hands. 

    By the end of his fiery speech, it was easy to forget that he'd begun it with bad news because his words had become a call to arms.  Heyman continued to be the vocal, fervent captain of the ship even as it sank.

4. One Night Stand

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    The first-ever One Night Stand pay-per-view featured ECW talent in an ECW environment (namely the Hammerstein Ballroom) but was produced by WWE. 

    Paul Heyman addressed the thankful crowd and became emotional at times.

    He proceeded to have fun with the likes of Eric Bischoff, Edge and JBL, roasting them in front of the rabid fans.  He tried to sell it as a controversial shoot, but really it was just an entertaining riff to help hype up the moment. 

3. ECW '94

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    Paul Heyman at his angriest was equally enthralling and intimidating.  Spittle flying, Heyman becomes a human volcano on the screen on this promo.

    Even if fans don't catch every aspect of the story he told here, it's still hard to look away from.

    This isn't just straight-ahead anger, it's well-crafted passion. 

    His eyes, every word choice, his intensity all combine for another Heyman classic.

2. E C Dub

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    When ECW was in its infancy, cameras captured a Paul Heyman for the ages.

    Heyman is a poet here, throwing in references to pimps and prostitutes with a line about the mountain going to Muhammad.

    He let loose about the state of pro wrestling, WWE and its cartoon nature. 

    He uses the "I'm mad as hell" line from the movie Network as an anaphoric device to power this unforgettable performance.

    Ignore the hideous hat and enjoy.

1. McMahon

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    In a face off against WWE CEO Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman was at his best, more vicious, more honest than he's ever been.   

    This was part of the buildup to the Alliance vs. WWE Survivor Series match, but there was certainly more than storyline venom being spit here. 

    McMahon represents for Heyman the Evil Empire.  McMahon's "take-no-prisoners" business style had a lot to do with ECW's downfall. 

    Allowing Heyman to hold a mic on live television and be let loose on McMahon was dangerous.  It ended up producing one of the most emotional promos in WWE history. 

    Heyman seems to be on the verge of either tears or eruption throughout. 

    He disses the state of WWE and McMahon's business practices and talks of WWE's empire imploding. 

    He even takes a dig at the XFL. 

    This promo went far beyond making the upcoming match more compelling, it allowed the audience to watch Heyman expose his insides.