Impact Wrestling Preview: Storm vs Hardy, a Title Match, the X-Division and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 5, 2012

It’s Thursday again, and that means a new episode of TNA's Impact Wrestling!

TNA has been on quite the roll so far this year and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of them stopping.

For this go-home episode before Destination X, the company has confirmed at least four matches and two in-ring segments.

So let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week!


The Scandal Continues: A.J. Styles Reacts to Being Accused of Fathering Claire Lynch's Child

The A.J. Styles/Christopher Daniels feud took a whole new turn with Daniels and Kazarian began to present evidence that accused Styles of having an affair with TNA president Dixie Carter.

They had a photo of them getting close, a video of them walking into a hotel room and a phone call between the two discussing whether or not Dixie’s husband would be home. Styles and Dixie stood by their innocence, but they were definitely keeping a secret.

Styles would gain some revenge at Slammiversary when he took the Tag Team Championship away from Daniels and Kazarian, and everything became clear a few weeks ago.

A pregnant Claire Lynch appeared and revealed that there was no affair, but that Styles and Dixie were helping her get clean. All of the evidence was then explained, which debunked everything Daniels was saying.

Things took a new turn last week, though, as Daniels and Kazarian regained the titles and stated that the married Styles was the father of Claire’s baby. This week, Styles will react to this new scandal.

What will A.J. Styles have to say? Is he really the father? Will this just be another lie from Christopher Daniels?


Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim: Knockouts Championship

Miss Tessmacher has worked hard since she started to wrestle in TNA. When Gail Kim returned last November, though, she was pushed aside for the pioneer of the Knockouts division.

Gail would take out any and all challengers, including Tessmacher, and become the longest-reigning champion in the titles history as a result. Despite losing a month prior, Tessmacher received one more shot at Slammiversary.

At the big 10th anniversary show, Tessmacher defeated Gail to become the new Knockouts champion. She has been on a roll since then, as she has defeated former champions Madison Rayne and Mickie James over the past couple of weeks.

Last week, Brooke Hogan gave Gail her one-on-one rematch and booked it for this week.

Can Miss Tessmacher take down Gail Kim once again, or will Gail become a three-time champion?

The X-Division Qualifiers Continue

The X-Division made its much awaited return last week as a tournament was set up to crown a new X-Division champion. The tournament would take place at Destination X with the finals being contested in Ultimate X.

Current stars Douglas Williams, Kid Kash and Zema Ion were automatically entered into the tournament while the rest of it would be filled out by returning and new stars through qualifying matches.

Sonjay Dutt made his return to TNA to defeat Rubix and Rashad Cameron defeated Mason Andrews, so both wrestlers have qualified for the shot. This week, the qualifying matches continue as TNA has promised four X-Division stars battling it out!

Will any more former X-Division wrestlers make their return? Will fans see more new faces? Who will advance to the tournament?


Destiny Approaches: What Will Happen When Bobby Roode and Austin Aries Meet Before Their Destination X Match?

Both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are the longest-reigning champion of their respective titles. Come Destination X, though, Aries will no longer have the X-Division Championship.

A few weeks ago, Aries gave up the title for a shot at Roode’s World Heavyweight Championship. He will remain the champion until the pay-per-view, but he will get his title shot as promised by general manager Hulk Hogan.

When Aries made the decision, he and Roode went at it before getting separated by the road agents and referees. Last week, they got into quite the verbal confrontation that resulted in Roode walking out on Aries.

This week, the champion and his challenger will meet face-to-face once again, just days before Destination X.

What will happen when the It Factor and the Greatest Man That Ever Lived meet in the ring?


James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy: Bound for Glory Series Match

The Bound for Glory Series made its return three weeks ago with an 11-man Gauntlet Match. James Storm won the contest and gained the early lead with 20 points as a result.

Since then, the BFGS has been heating up with matches on Impact Wrestling as well as at house shows. Last week, both Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe gained points which put the current standings at this:

  • James Storm: 36 points
  • Samoa Joe: 27 points
  • Kurt Angle: 10 points
  • Mr. Anderson: 9 points
  • Rob Van Dam, the Pope, Magnus and Jeff Hardy: 7 points each
  • Christopher Daniels: 5 points
  • Bully Ray, Robbie E and A.J. Styles: 0 points each


Samoa Joe is closing in on Storm, but the Samoan Submission Machine won’t be competing this week on Impact Wrestling.

This week’s Bound for Glory Series match will feature front-runner James Storm taking on fifth place contestant Jeff Hardy.

Who will gain the all-important points in this match? Will this really be the only BFGS match this week?

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling is certainly shaping up to be another good one.

Can TNA continue this roll that they’re on? Tune in at 8 ET to find out!