WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Can Punk and Bryan Top Their Over The Limit Match?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 3, 2012

For WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to do battle again on pay per view is a true pro-wrestling fan's dream come true.

Not only is it going to be for the championship once again but now, the dynamics of this match will be somewhat different.

AJ is becoming a real threat, and since the actual "Money In The Bank" ladder matches never close a show, then these two formidable opponents will not only close the show but steal it altogether.

The real question now is: will it be Daniel Bryan's time?


He will not become WWE Champion this time around. CM Punk is still on a roll and a whole year needs to pass before he drops the gold.


They are going to give the WWE Universe a match of such class and style that it will bring home all the accolades come awards season.

That alone is worth its weight in diamonds.

"Over The Limit" this year featured these two favorites and they did not disappoint. It comes natural for a Superstar with actual wrestling ability to surprise and wow the masses. What really makes it great is when one or the other backs it up with promos.

Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have proven they can execute this formula with excellence and so, the rest of this world is in for a treat come mid-July.

Again, Vince McMahon and his writers have a knack for messing things up and it wouldn't surprise anyone if AJ is used in there to threaten the quality of this match. She should just stay away or go on and battle Layla for the Divas championship.

She is a great on-screen talent but why ruin a good thing with an already way overused formula—a WWE Champion losing the title because of interference?

Doesn't it seem like the last thing WWE needs right now is predictability? This match needs to be flawless if nothing else.

They can do it, they have the talent and the skill to blow everyone's minds away. 

Since this is the third (or fourth...I lost count) encounter between them, you can be sure they will revise their plans many, many times. It seems they are THAT KIND of people—sticklers for detail.

Until that time comes, there are a few episodes of Raw and Smackdown to prepare the fans for this.

Hopefully things will continue to get exciting and strange. There is a small feeling of "it has only just begun" and that the best is yet to come.

Well, in keeping that train of thought, the WWE Universe may have that OMG! moment of 2012 come July 15th.

Here's hoping...