Super Cena Report, No Way Out Edition: Blame Jericho

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

If there was even a chance that John Cena wasn't going to win, Chris Jericho just screwed everyone who wants Cena to lose.

By now, EVERYONE has heard about Jericho's incident with fans after leaving a show, and so far no action has been reported.

The fact is, even though no action has been reported, Jericho's chances just to even last a elimination or two just went to hell. There is no chance that the WWE is going to just lay back at this situation. I personally thought that Jericho SHOULD win this chamber match and lead to a Orton, Cena, and Jericho triple threat match.

With this development it's just plainly obvious that Cena will win, and just to show all other options are futile, heres a Breakdown.

* Kane: The Big red monster is simply in this chamber to add some brutality to this PG edition of one of Satan's many playgrounds. Expect him to eliminate Kofi or be eliminated by him.

* Rey Mysterio: Now I may wind up being wrong, but Rey's chances in this chamber are affected by two things, Kane and Mike Knox. Rey may have been a champ in the past, but the WWE heads are not going to swap Rey for Cena with Rey's distant yet recent injuries.

* Kofi Kingston: We were all surprised when he actually qualified, but the fact is that this entry for him is simply a way of getting him some real attention.

* Mike Knox: Really, do I even need to explain? He's in there to attack Rey and nothing else. 


After all that, I think it can be easily said that Cena will win.