NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard to Brooklyn Nets Is a Bad Idea

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IIJuly 3, 2012

Dwight showing he's never happy.
Dwight showing he's never happy.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Another day has passed and the Dwight Howard saga appears as if it may finally have some sort of conclusion.

ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that the Orlando Magic have re-opened discussions with the Brooklyn Nets in a trade sending Howard to Brooklyn.

Broussard tweeted this this morning:

If this information is true and Brooklyn is seriously considering trading for the egotistical enigma that is Dwight Howard, the Nets will be making the biggest mistake of the offseason.

Just yesterday, Brooklyn agreed to acquire Joe Johnson and his enormous, salary-heavy contract from the Atlanta Hawks for four players and a draft pick. More specifics on that trade can be found here.

Now, considering that Brooklyn is also trying to persuade Deron Williams to re-sign with the team through free agency, it's very interesting to see the Nets working so hard to build a big three of their own. Brooklyn is attempting to become the fourth different Eastern Conference team to assemble multiple superstar players on the same team (Miami, Boston and New York precede them).

Building a super team is one thing, but adding bloated contracts, as well as bloated egos, onto one team will cause a stir for all the wrong reasons.

Howard has already caused more than a few headaches for the Magic with all of his trade demands and mind changing he has done over the past year or so. Even after he agreed to opt-in to the final year of his existing deal with the Magic, Howard went so far as to say he felt blackmailed into it and now looks to sue the organization.

All of this has happened after the Magic worked so hard to convince Howard Orlando was the place to be. Instead of attempting to rebuild relationships with the organization and his teammates, Howard has gotten his coach and general manager, Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith, canned with his takeover.

However, Brooklyn seems to be willing to play ball when it comes to Howard, even though they have already traded for Johnson and have Williams still in their sights. Having all three of these players on the same team may seem like a good idea, but it's a recipe for disaster.

Adding Johnson to the team that includes Williams, Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries is a championship-caliber team. Except, if the Nets are going to trade for Howard, all of their eggs will be put in Williams, Johnson's and Howard's basket.

All all three max-contracts on one team bootstraps the Nets for years. Johnson's contract runs through 2015-16 season and Williams could be offered a contract along the same timeline. Howard would also be expected to sign a long-term contract.

Another crucial point here is, who would assume the role as third option? All three of these players have spent their careers as the go-to option and the stars of their respective teams. Each one demands numerous touches per game. While having three players average a total of over 60 points per game sounds nice, the Miami big three proved that is impossible to maintain as a group.

Unlike the Miami Heat when they signed LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, it appears highly unlikely that any of the Nets' potential big three would take pay cuts in order to build the team; we all know Howard won't.

If Dwight Howard is brought into Brooklyn, the Nets will be losing any and all flexibility in team building and asking for trouble sooner rather than later. 

Not only does bringing in Johnson mean that the Nets should walk away from Howard trade talks, it means they should focus solely on signing Williams and call it a day. Anything more would be foolish and greedy.

Stick with what you have, Brooklyn, or you will regret this decision the first time Howard opens his mouth next season. We all know he won't keep quiet. It's a decision that will cost the Nets dearly in the end.