NBA Trade Rumors: Does Dwight Howard Make the Brooklyn Nets Best Team in NBA?

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIJuly 3, 2012

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The NBA offseason has gotten off to a huge bang. The team pulling the trigger that's causing the bang is the Brooklyn Nets.

The biggest thing the Nets wanted to do this offseason was to re-sign Deron Williams. They have yet to learn whether Williams will rejoin the team, but that hasn't stopped the Nets from making moves.

At last season's trade deadline, the Nets traded their valuable first-round pick for swingman Gerald Wallace. Wallace is a guy that can do everything. He is the athletic and talented SF that the Nets have been without for quite some time.

That trade looked idiotic once the Nets failed to make a late season push, lost their pick and Wallace opted out of his final year. However, it was then reported that the Nets and Wallace agreed to a four year, $40 million deal.

The Nets goal has been to get Williams back on their team as they venture over to Brooklyn.

In order for that to happen, the Nets had to prove to him that they were ready to win now. They need to add players that are already established in the league. Wallace fits in that category.

The Nets didn't stop there.

They caused a stir in the NBA world when it was reported that they were interested in and agreed on a trade for Joe Johnson. Johnson is a top five shooting guard in the league, but he has an ugly contract.

It is an interesting move because at first it looked like the deal for Johnson would eliminate their chances of getting Dwight Howard, who has been begging to come to Brooklyn.

With the Nets re-signing Williams and Wallace, and trading for Johnson, it was unclear whether they would have the cap room to bring in Howard.

The idea of the Nets turning their attention away from Howard ended quickly and it was reported that the Magic and Nets are involved in trade talks. The Nets would most likely have to give up Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and three first round picks.

Lopez hurt his value with his injury-plagued season, but is a solid scoring center who is still developing.

Humphries has made a name for himself the past two years, on and off the court. Brooks is a promising young rookie who knows how to score.

While that package may not be enough to replace the value of Howard, that could be the best offer they are going to get since Howard will reportedly only re-sign with the Nets.

Do all these moves make the Nets the best team in New York? Does it make them the best team in the Eastern Conference? Does it make them the best team in the NBA?

The NBA has become a league driven by stars. The Nets would have two star players who are arguably the two best players at their position.

Williams is a physical player who, in my opinion, is the best all-around point guard. Howard is the best center in the game.

Also, both of these players could improve their games because they will be happy where they are and playing with each other.

It has been argued whether Joe Johnson is a star player. While he may not be a superstar, he is a very good player and wouldn't be the third best player on many teams in the NBA. The biggest wildcard to the Nets potential situation is Wallace.

Teams with a big three don't have a fourth player as good as him. People seem to be forgetting about Wallace. His versatility makes him the most valuable fourth-best player on any team.

With a top point guard and center, the Nets have an immediate advantage over every team. Johnson is as good as 75 percent of shooting guards in the league and Wallace is a valuable swingman.

They would immediately be able to compete with every team in the NBA, including the Miami Heat