WWE Rumors: Matt Morgan Claims to Have Made a Decision on His Future

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 3, 2012

Courtesy Impact Wrestling
Courtesy Impact Wrestling

Take this for what you will, but it appears Matt Morgan will be letting fans know what's in store for his career in the near future.

Monday night, Morgan took to his Twitter to respond to a fan's comment, with the following:


Later, he was asked if he knew when he would make the big reveal, to which he responded:

Solely based on this tweet, to me it appears that Morgan will be sticking with TNA. Especially considering he mentioned his "true fans" will appreciate his decision seems very telling, as most wrestling fans have been longing for his return to the WWE.

Meanwhile, many Morgan and TNA fans are holding out hope that he continues to be "The DNA of TNA." Not to mention that Morgan is still prominently featured in many Direct Auto Insurance ads. As you may know, Morgan landed that gig due to Direct Auto Insurance's partnership with TNA.

I guess, as I've said hundreds of times before, we will have to wait and see what happens here, as only Morgan and whomever he signs with really know the truth.