NCAA Bracket Projection: MD Pool Lap Number Nine

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 10, 2008

From now until Saturday evening, you will get a daily update on the latest bracket projections. And you don't even have to pay for this service. I'm so cheap.


1 UNC v. 16 Alabama St./Sacred Heart - Sacred Heart is a top Catholic girls high school in Louisville. While they have fine athletic teams I don't see them putting up a fight against the Heels.

2 Georgetown v. 15 American - Clutch shooting by Summers against the 'Cards.

3 Xavier v. 14 AUSTIN PEAY - Govs were the second team in the Dance. As I mentioned during the last pool lap teams in CAPS are officially in.

4 Michigan State v. 13 Western Kentucky - I still think the 'Toppers will win the Sun Belt.

5 Stanford v. 12 Ole Miss - The Rebels get back in the Dance picture thanks to three straight scores. And they could give the Cardinal fits with their hyperkinetic style.

6 Indiana v. 11 Kansas State - Two teams heading downwind. But in this matchup, Beasley could actually get slowed down by D. J. White.

7 Kent State v. 10 Kentucky - Should the 'Cats get past a tough Flash squad they might do well to run against the Hoyas even though that's not their preferred method.

8 Pitt v. 9 Baylor - Panthers D (65.3 ppg allowed) v. Bears O (81.4 ppg scored).


1 Memphis v. 16 Morgan State - The alma mater of 70s NBA stud Marvin "The Human Eraser" Webster has a short stay in their first NCAA invite.

2 Duke v. 15 UMBC - The Retreivers won't fetch an upset.

3 Vanderbilt v. 14 SIENA - Should be an entertaining matchup with not much D.

4 Butler v. 13 Stephen F. Austin - The 'Jacks get back in the Dance discussion.

5 Notre Dame v. 12 Temple - Thanks to some Aggies and Orange downfalls the Owls become the last at-large team.

6 Marquette v. 11 New Mexico - There may be Steve Alford rumors in regards to an IU takeover. From what I understand he has the same regard for Rick Greenspan as Kelvin Sampson has for plans without unlimited nights and weekends.

7 Oklahoma v. 10 St. Mary's - The Gaels may sweat a bit but I think they've done enough.

8 Southern Cal v. 9 Illinois State - Even though the Redbirds got tarred and feathered it was more of an indication of Drake's greatness than ISU's shortcomings.


1 Tennessee v. 16 WINTHROP - I see a Chazz Palminteri clone popping out of nowhere and waxing poetic about Chris Lofton's buzzer-beater to beat Winthrop in '06. I see a pudgier version of Bruce Willis waxing poetic about a blow out in the rematch.

2 Texas v. 15 Portland St. - I'm looking forward to a Vols-Horns shootout.

3 Wisconsin v. 14 CORNELL - Big Red center Jeff Foote will have to have a career game for the Ithaca Ivies to have a shot.

4 UConn v. 13 GEORGE MASON - Ya think UConn will ban Tony Skinn and Jai Lewis from the game site and a 300-mile radius surrounding said game site? Darn tootin!!

5 BYU v. 12 Arizona - If the Wildcats stumble vs. Oregon State I think they're out - and so is Kevin O'Neill.

6 Washington State v. 11 Arkansas - Two 11s (Winthrop, VCU) won in the first round last year. Just a thought.

7 South Alabama v. 10 West Virginia - Right now the Jags are losing to Middle Tenn. State ('89 Cinderellas) but should still be in even with a loss.

8 Miami (Fla.) v. 9 UMass - Both bubble teams are now pretty much locks.


1 UCLA v. 16 Boise State - Out of bounds or not that was a heck of a Shipp shot.

2 Kansas v. 15 CS-Santa Barbara - Paul Rudd (former KU student) and Benjamin Bratt (UCSB grad) will sumo wrestle at halftime to provide the game's only close battle.

3 Louisville v. 14 BELMONT - Vince Gill has decent skillz for a country crooner but methinks Tony Williams has a triple-double on him by halftime.

4 DRAKE v. 13 Oral Roberts - A rematch of a '69 Final Four classic looms.

5 Purdue v. 12 Virginia Tech - Hokies are rooting hard for Gonzaga right now.

6 Clemson v. 11 Davidson - If Davidson loses to Elon I think...c'mon who are we kidding? It's Elon for Pete's sake.

7 Gonzaga v. 10 Dayton - The Flyers work their way back in but Matt Bouldin strikes often and then writes a filthy cartoon with his good friend Trey Parker that involves talking bodily waste and the gross demise of Brian Roberts.

8 UNLV v. 9 Miss. State - Some have the Rebs sweating if they lose but c'mon....we all now the committee will still think Tark's coaching and find a way to keep them out using every resource necessary.


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