Penguins Turning Heads

Henry LaborantiContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

The Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins started off on a shaky foot this season. But now with the playoffs creeping up fast, the Penguins are turning into the team everyone is familiar with. On Valentines Day, the Penguins showed everyone why you should never count them out.

Down by one going into the third period against Hamilton , the Penguins offense was greatly lacking. In fact at one point, fans were actually starting to boo their beloved Penguins. But those boos soon turned into cheers.

Nearly six minutes into the third period the Penguins Tim Wallace was able to score the tying goal. After that, it was a complete dual between the two teams. But the Penguins were able to seal the game with a Cote goal 13 minutes into the third period.

With only seven minutes left to go in the game, Hamilton went into desperation mode. They brought in a sixth player and left an empty net to try and tie the game. But Hamilton couldn't make any moves through the thriving Penguins. In fact, Hamilton could barely keep it away from their empty net.