WWE Vs TNA Match 1: Battle Of The Owners

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2009

The question can be asked who is a better show? It can be asked who's got the better roster? It can be asked everything and anything about WWE and TNA. I will have a daily match-ups on WWE vs TNA.

Battle of the Owners: Vince McMahon vs Jeff Jarrett

The two men that have made their companies what they are today would be a perfect way to start off the WWE vs TNA match-ups. Vince is not a wrestler but is in good physique in his mid-60's on the other hand you have a former multi-time champion in Jeff Jarrett as he has brought the heat in TNA when it needed it but who would win in a match like this.

Vince is well known for paying off the wrestlers to get him to the top no matter what even if that meant buying out TNA talent.

Vince McMahon is not a wrestler but knows how to fight back. He has been fighting all his life with everything and everyone. Vince does things that you think he couldn't do and i wouldn't question if he could beat Jarrett or not.

Jeff Jarrett has been a good person all his life and has the ability to be champion even if that's on his own show. Jarrett has made this little company TNA and made it big with in a decade. He hasn't made it like the WWE but has done it.

Jarretts Ring ability's would make me say he could win this match hands down but he could get distracted very easily.


Winner of the Match: Vince McMahon gets the win with some help of everyone and putting WWE on top of TNA 1-0 in the standings.