Winners and Losers of Joe Johnson to Brooklyn Nets Trade

Rob MahoneyNBA Lead WriterJuly 2, 2012

As multiple sources have reported and confirmed, the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks have agreed to a deal in principle that would move Joe Johnson to Brooklyn and an assortment of expiring deals back to Atlanta—all of which function as a precursor to Deron Williams' decision regarding his possible future with the Nets.

In that regard, Brooklyn's motivations are obvious; they've re-signed Gerald Wallace and agreed in principle to add Johnson, all for the sake of giving Williams a competitive core to work with. Those two may not be All-NBA talents, but they're fringe All-Stars with versatile skill sets and proven track records. Add in Brook Lopez, and the Nets have a fairly promising core—provided Williams agrees to re-sign and the Johnson deal pays off.

For Atlanta, this is a move all about future flexibility, to which Johnson's unbelievably massive contract was a clear hindrance. Without Johnson clogging up their cap picture, the Hawks have their choice of in-house players to build around, along with the cap space to chase one of the major players on next summer's free-agent market. 

Given all that, who shakes out to be a winner (or loser) in this particular deal?