Biggest MLB All-Star Snubs

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2012

The All-Star Game is back to give us one amazing midsummer gift: a grand debate.

Here is a breakdown of the most egregious errors made by voters and coaches alike. I have some weighty slugger that have done more than their part to be a part of the best All-Star Game in sports.

Of course, this has been an amazing campaign for hardball. I noticed that there is no shortage of men who can claim to be snubbed. So I know you all have a great deal to say in who should be in this All-Star Game.

This is the best moment aside from actually watching the game. Those that don’t get the nod in the form of a roster spot need vocal fans to at least tout their amazing talents. Hopefully, these errors get made up for in subsequent years.

Make your mentions in the comments section. You can save me the Bryce Harper and Chipper Jones suggestions—we have heard them all before.

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