2012 NHL Free Agency: Zach Parise Still Yet to Make a Decision

Shane DarrowAnalyst IIJuly 2, 2012

The Twitter world exploded Monday afternoon as many people, myself included, were brought to believe that Zach Parise was going to make a decision on where he will be playing for the next portion of his career.

Sadly, a decision is still yet to be made.

David Shoalts tweeted the following:

"Parise says he will return home tomorrow and discuss things with his family. Would not say which teams in contention but Devils still in mix."

The other big name out there is Ryan Suter, but he will more than likely not make a decision until after Parise.

Many teams are still in the mix for Parise, while there have been rumors that Suter is leaning toward going to play for the Detroit Red Wings.

As of now, it looks like Parise will go most likely (in order of probability) to either Pittsburgh, back to New Jersey, Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit or Philadelphia.