Top Fighters Predict Silva Sonnen Outcome & Exclusive Tito Ortiz Interview

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowJuly 2, 2012

This week on The Ultimate Show, Tony Ferguson takes us through the Rear Hand Spinning Back Fist in this week’s move of the week. UFC legend and Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz speaks out on his upcoming rubber match with UFC veteran Forrest Griffin. Both fighters have taken home a victory and this will be the final fight to see who wins in the trilogy. Ortiz has plans to win this fight in a devastating manner, finally silencing all his critics. Griffin says he will “retire from life” if he loses this match. With both their respected legacies on the line, this is a fight not to be missed.   

The highly anticipated rematch between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva is set for this Saturday, July 7th. TUS got a chance to meet up with some UFC octagon warriors to hear their thoughts and predictions for UFC 148, in what could easily be fight of the year. While most fighters were mum about who they expected to win, they all agreed that it would be an exciting fight for the ages. What do you think?

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