Yohan Blake: Usain Bolt's Swagger Can't Stop Young Star

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 09: Yohan Blake of Jamica races en route to winning the Men's 100m National Race during the adidas Grand Prix at Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island on June 9, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

While Jamaican sprinting superstar Usain Bolt is one of the most confident athletes in the entire sports world, there are serious questions surrounding the star’s recent lack of dominance.

Namely, fellow sprinter and Jamaican national teammate Yohan Blake.

The 200 meters has always been Usain Bolt’s best event, but when Blake bested him by .03 seconds on Sunday, the momentum shifted. Blake beat Bolt in both the 100 meters and the 200 meters and clearly had his number whenever on the track.

As much as the track and field fans love the attitude and swagger that Bolt brings to the table, it looks like the appeal is wearing thin with his competitors.

Blake wants to show the world that Bolt is not the best runner anymore.

Bolt told the UK Telegraph about the work he still needs to put in and that he will not let these losses discourage him:

It's all about work and just needing to get my things together and get it right. I’ve got to get in the work and figure out what I did wrong. I have to work hard to get ready for the Olympics. I think I am a little bit weak but three more weeks should be good enough to get back into shape. I can never be discouraged. I'm never worried until my coach gets worried, and my coach isn't worried, so I'm OK.

If I was Bolt’s coach, I’d be very worried.

Not only has Blake bested Bolt in two of the biggest races leading up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, they have been training together for months. Whatever extra Bolt has, Blake has probably already seen.

There is no questioning that these men will support each other because they are teammates and fighting for the honor of their nation, but looking at it objectively proves Bolt has lost his edge to his countryman.

Bolt is right, though. There is plenty of time to get ready, but to think Johan Blake won’t be even more motivated than before and training even harder would be foolish.

These races at the Summer Olympics will be amazing.