What Makes a True Fan?

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What Makes a True Fan?

What makes someone a true fan? This is a question that has been asked for years. Is it someone who can buy everything the team sells or is it someone who goes to every game? 

I will try to shed some light on this argument. 

Fans come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors. (Red, Gold, and Blue not races) Some will go with the team across the country while others only go to home games. Some have the best seat in the house every time while others are lucky to afford a ticket at all. Does any of that make a person a fan?

No. The fact that you try and get out to the games and paint yourself does not make you a true fan. But what about the people who spend money that they don't have because they love their team so much? Well to those people I say get your priorities straight. 

A true fan does not need to even own one piece of merchandise from their team for all I care. They just need to feel what the team feels and believe with all their heart that their team will win.  

This is why there are a few fans i must mention. The Oakland Raider fans are some of the most fiery fans there are. Do not even try to argue with me, they are. They defend their team even though they very well know that their team can not win the championship this year. 

I am not "hating" on Raider fans, quite the contrary, in fact I am tipping my hat to them. If you talk about anyone on their team they will let you have it. This can easily be seen in a few of my last stories, in which Raider fans attack every bit about the article—including the writer himself (me).

They back up every argument with facts and emotion. This is a real sign of a true fan.

Back to the point. A true fan follows every game regardless of the record and is optimistic no matter how bad the situation gets. You must realize that being a fan sometimes means you put your logic aside to truly accept a team.

So if you are emotionally attached to your team and you embrace it instead of reject it then you are in fact a true fan.  

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