NBA All-Star Game 2010: How To Make It Awesome

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009


Have a contest, and let some fan play against a current player and a legend.

Joe Shmow vs. Gilbert Arenas vs. Reggie Miller sounds awesome.

Slam-Dunk contest

LeBron James vs. Nate Robinson vs. Dwight Howard vs. Vince Carter.

What's more epic than the best coming back to face the new?

Combine that with a Slam-dunk rivalry of Superman vs Lex Luther proportions, and you might have the most popular All-star weekend yet.

Skills compition

I don't want to see four guys jog the thing!

Bring back Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.

Also, add in Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy, or Chris Paul.  That'd be awesome.

Whatever the thing is where an old guy a current guy and a WNBA player shoot, they should get rid of that.

3-pt contest

Dirk Nowitski
Ray Allen
Jason Kapono
Daquen Cook
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant

Sounds epic to me!