First Look at Chicago's Olympic Bid

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IFebruary 14, 2009

Those of us in Wisconsin have taken a keen interest in where the 2016 Olympics will be held, if only because of the fact a couple of bike races will be held outside of Madison.

You really can't blame us though, as this would be the biggest international get for the state since ESPN's Great Outdoor Games a few years back.

So we're rooting for Chicago to get the Games, and they have made the final four of host city applicants. Also in the running are Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.

Chicago has taken the next step in their bid process, which is the releasing of their official proposal. It's some interesting stuff to look at, especially the section about their proposed venues. The city would use many of their existing structures such as the United Center and Soldier Field, but would also build a new Olympic Stadium and Aquatic Center. To me, the most interesting part of this proposal is where the preliminary soccer matches would be played—Los Angeles, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York. Officially, Madison would host the mountain biking and road cycling events.

For some reason, I have a pretty good feeling Chicago can pull this off and bring the Olympics back to the United States. If so, I'm moving to Chicago as soon as that announcement is made.