Yo JOIN MY FACTION! Were Called "The Awesomeheads!"

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Yo, what up B/R!? I am new to the scene and I wanna be down with all the cool ish that goes down.

I am forming this faction, and you can be in it for $100, the rights to your friendship, and your email to fill with spam from my webhost of my awesome radio show. We talk about how "great" JTG and Brian Kendrick are for like 3 hours a week.

Anyways there are only two ground rules to follow:

1. Rap Battle the Assassins as much as possible. Especially Joe Burgett. And you have to represent the tag for Original B/R Wrestling Section Gangstas! So you tag at the bottom will always look like this...

- Rhymenocerous (or, your name) OB/RWSG!

2. Play nice and say nice stuff. We can only write good things and tell people what we think or whatever....

Join NOW!

- Rhymenocerous OB/RWSG!

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