Nash VS. Paul

Logan SchellContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Recently I've been hearing a question that is very debatable Kobe or LeBron. I say Kobe. Then I have a question that I have been thinking about. I'm a huge Steve Nash fan and I ask the question Nash or Paul.

Ask yourself veteran Nash or young gun Paul, they both play a lot alike. They both have a lot of assists, they don't have a problem turning the ball over going to their teammates. So I'm going to argue the reasons why they both should win.

Let's start with Nash. He's really matured from when he first entered the league he's not a shoot first pass second point guard anymore. He's a two time MVP they both have come when he's played for the Suns. He was traded to the Suns in 2005 and has succeeded there since he got there.

He hasn't won an NBA finals yet, but that's the only reason I think that he's staying around. He's been voted to the All-star game six times and he plays soccer. That is why I think that Nash is a better player than Chris Paul.

The reason why I think that Chris Paul could maybe beat Nash is that he's a great defender for a young guy. Nash doesn't exactly play the best defense so I think that Paul could throw in a little bit of his quickness and young gun moves and that could be it. He is a very good team leader, just like Nash, but he doesn't turn the ball over as much as Nash.

I think that Nash could beat him one on one three out of four times.

Thanks for reading.