Nastia Liukin Video: Gymnast's Struggles Continue with Face Plant

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With the video above, not only will you see Nastia Liukin fall from the uneven bars, but you will also see her fall from the Olympics

Via Couper Moorhead:

Considering she also fell during qualifying on June 29, this appears to be true. It will be a little weird to watch the London Games go down without the 22-year-old.


Liukin is only 22? 

Either Google is lying to me or that is just crazy. 

But I guess that's what happens when Liukin, who was born in Russia but competes for the United States, wins gold and captures our hearts during the 2003 Pan American Games—as a mere 13-year-old. 

Almost 10 years later, it seems like she would be an old lady considering how long she's been dominating women's gymnastics. But nope, she's just a 22-year-old veteran looking to make the Olympics for the second straight time.

Nonetheless, even age-old veterans, as you can witness above, make mistakes. And this mistake was a big one. 

Liukin was nearing the end of her routine, but a mere slip of the hands put a quick end to that. To make things worse, her spotter, AKA her dad, missed her and it resulted in a nasty(ia)—sorry in advance—face plant. 

You have to give Liukin credit for being able to get up from something like that and actually finish her routine.

The 2012 Olympics are now a long shot for Nastia Liukin, but the storied veteran has nothing to be ashamed of. 

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