NHL: 25 Players You Need to Follow on Twitter over the Summer

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIJuly 2, 2012

NHL: 25 Players You Need to Follow on Twitter over the Summer

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    The Twitter-verse.

    A while ago, it was used by teenagers who just wanted to tell the world what they had for lunch. It then morphed into the source where you could get the latest disaster that Britney Spears was going through.

    Now, it's a veritable news source used the world over. A place where you can get the latest news from any subject you want.

    That of course includes hockey.

    If you want breaking news, there's plenty of hockey insiders waiting to be followed. A more interesting viewpoint however, comes from the players themselves.

    From pulling pranks on teammates to posting pictures of where they're vacationing over the summer, there never seems to be a dearth of tweets from NHL players.

    The 25 players that I list here are among the NHL's best when it comes to tweeting.

    Who are these tweeters? Let's find out.

Bobby Ryan

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    Twitter Handle: @b_ryan9

    Bobby Ryan, currently of the Anaheim Ducks but surrounded by trade rumors, is a very active tweeter as he has posted six times in the past 24 hours as of this writing.

    Most of his tweets are answering questions and occasionally, as you can see below, sometimes insulting them.

    Recent Tweet: you're right bro. 100 percent. Remind me if I ever have a picture like yours to get off twitter and get a gf.

Paul Bissonnette

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    Twitter Handle: @BizNasty2point0

    Perhaps the king of NHL players on twitter, Paul Bissonnette is a must-follow on Twitter.

    Recent Tweet: Just wanted to apologize to the Toronto Jays organization for showing public display's of affection with a female at the game today.

Mike Commodore

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    Twitter Handle: @commie22

    Perhaps the funniest NHL player on twitter, Mike Commodore is always good for a laugh.

    Recent Tweet: There is no doubt can finish around the net...but put a 3 foot putt in front of him and those soft hands start

Alex Ovechkin

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    Twitter Handle: @ovi8

    Alex Ovechkin doesn't tweet that much, but when he does it can be pretty funny.

    He also has a habit of posting pictures of himself surrounded by good-looking women.

    Recent Tweet: Maria going to doubles Final!! We get to see our friend Martina!!

Patrick Kane

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    Twitter Handle: @88PKane

    Another player who doesn't tweet that much, Patrick Kane does occasionally come out with some gold.

    Recently, he gave his opinion on Lebron James winning his first NBA Championship.

    Recent Tweet: Congrats to on winning the title tonight. Nice to see the most scrutinized athlete ever quiet all his haters

Scottie Upshall

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    Twitter Handle: @ScottieUpshall

    The Florida Panthers right winger recently shared his opinion on the Pacquaio/Bradley fight.

    Recent Tweet: Boxing is a JOKE! PAC killed Bradley. Embarrassing

Scott Hartnell

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    Twitter Handle: @Hartsy19

    Scott Hartnell uses his Twitter account to bring attention to "Hartnelldown" campaign, which was started by a fan who just started counting how many times Hartnell fell on ice.

    Recent Tweet: Ladies it's baaaaaack!!! tanks are in. to grab em. Wanna see em at the

Joffrey Lupul

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    Twitter Handle: @JLupul

    I'm going to stay away from the recent trouble that Joffrey Lupul got into on Twitter, but otherwise, Lupul is an avid tweeter who likes to poke fun at other players around the league.

    Recent Tweet: Standard move is buying the whole team dinner when you sign a new contract. Sid should have to take the whole league out...

Taylor Hall

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    Twitter Handle: @hallsy04

    The youngest player on this list, Taylor Hall definitely knows his way around Twitter. As almost any young man does, he tweets nearly every day.

    Recent Tweet: To the bro playing the trumpet or trumbone or whatever it is in the house beside me the last 3 days, you're horrawful.

Jordin Tootoo

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    Twitter Handle: @Jtootoo22

    If you like pictures, Jordin Tootoo is the one to follow. One of the newest Detroit Red Wings posts a lot of pictures of his native Nunavut.

    Recent Tweet: Picture doesn't do justice !!

Mike Cammalleri

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    Twitter Handle: @MCammalleri93

    Most recently, Mike Cammalleri has been plugging @BioSteelSports, but he has found time to reply to a tweet by new Florida Panther George Parros.

    Recent Tweet: the humidity could pose a problem. You will find a way to get through the adversity my friend.

Dustin Brown

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    Twitter Handle: @DustinBrown23

    Dustin Brown definitely likes to have fun with his teammates as evidenced by this tweet.

    Recent Tweet: Now that has signed on for one more year I stocked the team snack room.

George Parros

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    Twitter Handle: @Stache16

    Come on, how can't you follow a guy with that twitter handle?

    Recent Tweet: That being said, I am excited to start a new career in FLA and am looking forward to bringing the stache to the sunshine state!!!

Ryan Whitney

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    Twitter Handle: @ryanwhitney6

    Ryan Whitney tweets a little bit of everything. From his status as the old man on the Oilers defense core to the NBA, Whitney is a good option to follow.

    Recent Tweet: Best humblebrag of all time?RT Good morning ottawa ready to get kids clinic going for autism Who says I dont have a good heart

Logan Couture

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    Twitter Handle: @Logancouture

    Another all-around tweeter, Logan Couture has recently been posting about his favorite television shows.

    Recent Tweet: Who knew the dad from Malcolm In The Middle could be so badass?

Ryan Kesler

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    Twitter Handle: @Ryan_Kesler

    Ryan Kesler was playing news breaker yesterday when some people thought he was injured.

    Recent Tweet: Why do people think I broke my arm????

David Perron

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    Twitter Handle: @DP_57

    For you out there that know the French language, David Perron tweets in both English and French. Want proof?

    Recent Tweet: haha vous etes malade haha

Matt Duchene

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    Twitter Handle: @Matt9Duchene

    Matt Duchene is usually pretty good with his tweets, but I just couldn't get over him welcoming every new member of the Avalanche with "Welcome to Denver, Insert Name."

    Recent Tweets: "Welcome to Denver, P.A. Parenteau", "Welcome to Denver, Greg Zanon.", "Welcome to Denver, John Mitchell"

James Van Reimsdyk

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    Twitter Handle: @JVReemer21

    One of the newest Maple Leafs saw his number of followers skyrocket once he was traded. Go ahead, give him more.

    Recent Tweet: Looks like my dad found his old leafs hat from back in the day!

Matt Moulson

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    Twitter Handle: @MMoulson

    Another player who likes to poke fun at his teammates, Matt Moulson also likes to have fun with the fans. Definitely worth a follow.

    Recent Tweet: wanted to apologize to everyone at draft party. His flight was cancelled due to weather. I of course cleaned up his mess as usual

Ryan Jones

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    Twitter Handle: @jonesry28

    While usually a joker on twitter, Ryan Jones was playing policeman recently, exposing a fake Ales Hemsky account.

    Recent Tweet: Just an FYI. is not the real Hemmer. Just confirmed it with the Oilers media staff.

Henrik Lundqvist

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    Twitter Handle: @HLunqvist30

    When ZZ Top wrote the song, "Sharp Dressed Man", I think they might have been talking about Henrik Lundqvist. I mean, just look at his twitter photo.

    Recent Tweet: Getting some good feedback on color combo for my new equipment.. Just remember, white makes you look bigger out there..

John-Michael Liles

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    Twitter Handle: @hoosierjm26

    Like Tootoo, John-Michael Liles is a guy who likes to tweet his photos.

    Recent Tweet: Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Colorado. Crazy wildfires going on everywhere.

Dustin Penner

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    Twitter Handle: @Dustinpenner25

    Just read Dustin Penner's Twitter bio and you'll know why you should be following him.

    Recent Tweet: Perishable goods ? Can someone explain to me the diff between"best before"&"sell by"? As long as they sell it by then its not there problem?

Everyone on Your Favorite NHL Team

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    I have profiled 24 specific players on Twitter.

    I have left the 25th spot for pretty much all players on your favorite team.

    Following your team's players on Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with the game and allows you a look into their daily lives.

    Why not take it?