Fantasy WWE: Summarized Monday Night Raw (June 25)

Will OwenCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2012

Hey Bleacher Report! Sorry about the late posting of this episode of Raw; I was out of town for the weekend. Anyways, I published Money in the Bank a week ago, and now Fantasy WWE is completely caught up, except for this episode. See, with all of the time it took to catch up, Raw needed to utilize the summarized episode to finish its official catch-up period.


Match 1: Mason Ryan vs. R-Truth

This match looked like it belonged to Mason Ryan, angered by his loss since Money in the Bank. He went out full-throttle and hit a Spinebuster. However, Kane came out and delivered a terrifying Big Boot. The referees ended the match, which was a victory for Mason Ryan. 

Time of Match: 6:38


Match 2: Dark Thunder vs. The Cólons

This was a pretty fast paced match on the side of the The Cólons, but Dark Thunder out-strengthed them so much that The Cólons didn't stand a chance for the entire match. Quick and easy victory for Dark Thunder.

Time of Match: 4:44


Match 3: Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio

Sheamus was full of anger and rage after his loss the previous night to Randy Orton. He made short work of Rey Mysterio.

Time of Match: 5:21


Match 4: Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany

John Morrison and Drew McIntyre came down to the ring during the match. They argued over Tiffany, but in the end, they were both kicked out of the ring. Tiffany wasn't paying attention, causing Natalya and Beth Phoenix to take advantage of Kelly Kelly for the rest of the match. One Glam Slam and Sharpshooter duo later, Kelly Kelly tapped out.

Time of Match: 7:10


Match 5: Alex Riley and Booker T vs. Shelton Benjamin and Great Khali

At first, this seemed like an oddly-booked match, but the four of them have such good ring chemistry that the crowd was cheering for more. The match somehow only lasted four minutes, but it felt like an eight or nine-minute match. Riley and Booker teamed up to pin Shelton.

Time of Match: 4:31


Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Kassius Ohno vs. Brock Lesnar

Ohno and Orton had a good two-sided match for about nine minutes, when Vince McMahon came out to announce that Brock Lesnar is also in the match and that it is a triple-threat match. Lesnar hit an F5, and Ohno hit a Hangman's Elbow. Orton had a very small chance of winning until McMahon ordered the rest of the Federation to enter. They beat up Orton as the show ended.

What did you think of the episode? No need to rate it because it will not affect the ratings war, but share your opinion on it in the comments section. I think that it's important to learn about what you guys want out of Fantasy WWE. Thanks for reading!