WWE Fans Should Not Expect to See Charlie Sheen on Monday Night Raw

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJuly 1, 2012

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

WWE wants the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw to be a big event. They went out and got a big celebrity in Charlie Sheen. He has been revealed as the celebrity guest tweeter for the evening.

That has led many wrestling fans to believe that he's going to be a boost for the ratings. They believe that he's going to show up in person. That would be something that the media would cover.

It's highly unlikely that Sheen will be on hand for Monday Night Raw. He's a very busy individual. The actor is simply agreeing to this in order to promote his new show, Anger Management.

There's a good chance that he might not even be watching the show. The speculation for the longest time has been that Sheen has someone helping him with his Twitter account. That person is more than likely going to be the one posting updates that night.

There's also a chance that someone from WWE themselves could be the one responsible for the tweets. Those can be sent to Sheen's guy, who can then post it on the account. WWE doesn't actually need Sheen to watch the show since they basically only need his name attached to the product.

If you pay close attention to the advertising, WWE doesn't really say that he's going to be there in person. It would be an awesome thing if he did show up. However, that's extremely unlikely to happen.

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