Change In Store For Colts and Manning

Azz ChapperContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Reasons why the Colts should abort the Cover 2.

#1 - Having a defense that only gives up three points after 10 plays and seven minutes of possession does not make make sense when your known for your offensive talent.

#2 - We have no DT that can stop the run, which again leads to the seven and 10 minute drives that the Colt's defense is known to yield three to five times each game.

Go to a 3-4 aggressive, blitzing type defense....put Freeney and Mathis out on the edge.  Cut Harrison (politely) and take the $6 million in cap relief to get the second best DT available after Haynesworth. 

If you give up a big play on defense, then don't sweat because there are 30 other teams in the NFL that don't have your QB or offensive weapons. If Brady does not come back healthy, then there are 31 teams out there.

I just can't get past the thought of Manning being on the Steelers with that defense. If you put Manning on the Lions, Chiefs, Browns, Bengals, and the Raiders (well maybe not them), then they would not be picking in the lottery this year. Picking 27th to 30th every year is great. Indianapolis Colts fans are spoiled, but shouldn't they be if they have #18.

My question to the brass off 56th street, now that Dungy is gone...don't you think that it is time for change?