WWE Monday Night Raw: Ranking the 15 Most Bizarre Raw Segments Ever

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJuly 2, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw: Ranking the 15 Most Bizarre Raw Segments Ever

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    WWE Monday Night Raw has had its ups and downs when it pertains to storylines. Some storylines work while others leave the audience with more questions than answers.

    After being on the air for 19 years, this can be understood, as not every moment in the history of Raw is guaranteed to work. There are bound to be those that don’t work for several reasons. This could be because they are morally wrong, bad timing or simply don’t make sense.

    Here are the 15 most bizarre segments in the history of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Brodus Clay Debut

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    Brodus Clay’s debut was hyped for several weeks by the WWE as a monstrous heel.

    Each week it was teased that he would appear, only to be held off TV for another week.

    Finally, the debut came and the WWE didn’t get what they were expecting. The mean-spirited person turned out to be a fun-loving face that enjoyed to party and dance.

Rev. Al Sharpton as Special Guest Host

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    WWE Raw had been having special guest hosts for months and some were great hits with the audience and others just stunk up the joint. Of all the guest hosts, the most shocking was Rev. Al Sharpton.

    He was one of the last names that anyone would expect to appear on a show that is about entertainment through the use of violence and, at times, poor humor.

Impostor Kane Angle Dropped

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    The real Kane had been unmasked several years earlier, when a mysterious man appeared with his old mask and ring attire on.

    The two would have a short feud that ended abruptly with no reason for why someone would want to appear as Kane did when he first debuted.

    The feud drew attention because of where it may go, which ultimately was nowhere.

Goldust Debut Vignettes

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    The character of Goldust is truly one of the best thought-out wrestling gimmicks of its time. Back in 1995, the vignettes for his debut were described as bizarre by the WWE announcers.

    Goldust was shown painted in all gold paint and tights to match, wearing a long blonde wing with a Hollywood type feel to it.

    Add in the lewd gestures he made and the WWE was on to something creepy that somehow worked.  

Kiss My Ass Club

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    The Kiss My Ass club is one of the most degrading segments to air on Raw.

    To witness the owner of a company, that proclaims they are worth a billion dollars, to pull his pants down in the middle of the ring and expect someone to kiss his rear on national television seems wrong on so many levels.

    What makes it worse is that this happened several times, and it only seemed to stop when the WWE went to a PG rating.

Mark Henry Meets a Transvestite

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    Mark Henry was going by the nickname “Sexual Chocolate” because of his love for the female body.

    In a segment a woman he had picked up turned to out to be a transvestite, unknown to Henry at the time.

    He would kiss the transvestite only to eventually realize it was a male after eventually groping him, leading to a shocked Henry to run to the toilet in disgust for what had just happened.

Harvey Wippleman, Disguised as a Woman, Wins the Women’s Championship

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    Harvey Wippleman disguised as a woman became the first and only man to win the WWE Women’s Championship.

    The manager had finally won a championship. It just happened that he needed to defeat the opposite sex to do so.

    It’s not like Wippleman was fooling anyone in drag. Everyone knew it was him, making the title change that much more strange as the match was allowed to take place.

Edge and Lita Live Sex Celebration

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    Edge had won his first WWE Championship the night prior and was going to celebrate by having a live sex celebration with Lita in the middle of the ring.

    It was a unique way to celebrate this accomplishment, perhaps it would have been better suited if there wasn’t a packed arena and millions watching at home.

    Just before the act got too explicit, it was interrupted by the former champion, John Cena.

Beaver Cleavage

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    The Beaver Cleavage angle was a spoof from the famous TV sitcom Leave it Beaver with an odd twist. Beaver had a strange attraction to his mother, named Mrs. Cleavage.

    In was a taboo subject that left the audience with a nauseated feeling, and who could blame them? Thankfully, the gimmick was dropped before it went any further.

Big Show Rides His Father's Casket

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    The WWE did a storyline where the Big Show’s father had died and the Boss Man proceeded to mock him about it. In reality, the Big Show’s father had sadly died years earlier.

    To build the feud, the WWE ran a taped Raw angle where the Big Show was at his father’s funeral and the Boss Man interrupted.

    He then hooked the casket to the back of his car and drove away with the Big Show jumping on top of the casket for the ride.

D-Generation X on Little People’s Court

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    D-Generation X was being sued by Hornswoggle in Little People’s Court. The segment was different and funny.

    It involved Triple H and Shawn Michaels standing trial in a room that was filled with all little people, complete with furniture to match.

    The judge, lawyers and jury were all little people, making the two D-Generation X members look like giants in the segment. The moment worked well on TV.  

Vince McMahon on Nitro and Raw After Purchasing WCW

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    Vince McMahon reigned supreme in the wrestling world by not only beating WCW in the ratings, but purchasing them to add insult to injury. Who would have guessed the day would come where McMahon appeared on a WCW show?

    The live Raw crowd watched McMahon, in a WWE ring, while the WCW crowd stared at the screen to witness the end of the wrestling wars. It was quite a sight to see McMahon on WCW and WWE TV at the same time.

Triple H and Katie Vick Incident

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    The Triple H and Katie Vick incident has to be the lowest point in Triple H’s career.

    While feuding with Kane, Triple H said that Kane was responsible for the death of a woman named Katie Vick. The strange part was that Kane was accused of sleeping with her dead corpse.

    In a skit, Triple H donned a Kane mask and hoped into a casket with a mannequin that was supposed to be Vick and pretended to have sex with her. It was the most disgusting angle ever put on WWE TV.

Val Venis Almost Castrated

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    Val Venis had a long WWE career, but is remembered mostly for an incident at the start of it. A stable called Kaientai followed the orders of their leader Yamaguchi-San and attempted to cut off Venis’s manly parts for sleeping with his wife.

    As Raw came to a close, Venis was shown tied from the ceiling as the sword was about to cut off his private area. The screen went black, followed a loud thud.

    The next week, it was revealed all of Venis was intact thanks to some help from John Wayne Bobbitt, who was apparently standing by.

Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand

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    In her late 70s. Mae Young somehow became pregnant with a child and Mark Henry was the father.

    Well, not really pregnant, as she gave birth to a rubber hand a few months later. There were no further details given by the WWE about whatever happened with her “child.”

    The most memorable moment from this storyline has to be the facial expressions of Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as they watched Young push out this hand.