Why Vickie Guerrero Would Be Perfect as WWE's GM of Raw and SmackDown

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2012

Why Vickie Guerrero Would Be Perfect as WWE's GM of Raw and SmackDown

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    With the recent firing of GM John Laurinaitis, the GM roles of both Raw and SmackDown are now vacant.  Of all the current talent on the roster, Vickie Guerrero would be perfect to fill the role of GM of both brands.

    The role of GM needs to be played by a heel character.  Teddy Long, for example, is a boring GM simply because he possesses no opposition to the top talent on the roster.  Instead, Long poses more of a threat to the heel wrestlers, and that's nowhere near as entertaining.

    Vickie Guerrero has already demonstrated why she would be the perfect fit as GM. Her performance as temporary GM last week was great, and her role as GM could go beyond that of the role Laurinaitis played.

    Unlike when Big Johnny was GM, Vickie would be a much better heel and has several other qualities that could make her seem like a real threat if she were to be the GM.

    Vickie gets a much better reaction from the fans than John Laurinaitis ever did. With her heel antics, and her annoying "excuse me" catch-phrase, Vickie is clearly the perfect choice when it comes to selecting a new GM.

Great Heel

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    As mentioned in the opening slide, the GM role needs to be one played by a heel character. 

    It's much more interesting to see the top face wrestlers like Sheamus and CM Punk overcome the antics of a heel GM than it is to see heel wrestlers such as Alberto Del Rio outwit a face GM.

    Vickie Guerrero, from a managerial perspective, is a fantastic heel.

    Every time she comes out from behind the curtain, even before she says anything, she is already met with massive boos.

    This is something that John Laurinaitis could not accomplish.

    Guerrero has been getting under the skin of the WWE Universe for years now, and when she comes out and utters her "excuse me" catch-phrase it sends the crowds into even more of a frenzy.

    Not only does she get a great crowd reaction, she's also solid with her promos and on the microphone. It's rare to see Vickie slip up, unlike Laurinaitis who fumbled his words weekly.

    Vickie is very arrogant and cocky, which is key in making her such a good heel. 

    With Vickie able to play the heel role so well, there's no doubt that she would make the perfect GM of both brands.

Cannot Be Easily Embarrassed

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    Vickie will never suffer the same embarrassment that Laurinaitis did in the ring when he was GM.

    Sure, maybe she can get smacked around by one of the divas, but we won't see her take the beating that Big Johnny did at Over the Limit.

    This is an important part of why she would be the perfect GM.

    One of the biggest problems with Laurinaitis, and any male GM for that matter, is that they usually end up taking a beating at one point, which makes them seem weak.

    Look at Laurinaitis for example. He may have won his match against Cena at Over the Limit, but he was embarrassed for most of that match, and it made him seem like no real threat at all.

    While Vickie could eventually end up having to wrestle a diva, the match would never end up being like the match Cena had against Laurinaitis.

    Vickie would have to be embarrassed in some other way.

    More importantly, because she does not have to worry about the threat of being thrown around the ring, it gives her more room to do what she wants. 

    Laurinaitis had to watch what boundaries he stepped over because he could easily find himself on the receiving end of a GTS or an attitude adjustment.

    Vickie wouldn't have to worry about that. She could easily harass the top talent week after week and never have to fear them lashing out on her.

Not One-Dimensional

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    John Laurinaitis was a boring GM. Every week, it would be the same routine. He would come to the ring in his suit and announce himself, and then go on and on about people power. It was very one-dimensional.

    Vickie is much more multifaceted.

    We’ve seen her in a role with Edge and La Familia, a brief role as GM of SmackDown and her newer role as the manager of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

    While she might not be managing Swagger anymore and seems to be on and off with Ziggler, Vickie has demonstrated that she can fill multiple roles and adjust to different storylines.

    Characterwise, Guerrero is leaps and bounds above other possible GM candidates.

    At 44 years old, it's clear that Vickie isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to make sure her character comes off as arrogant.

    The Beach Battle Royal that happened last Monday night on Raw is a prime example of this. Vickie showed her cocky attitude and arrogance as she unveiled her robe and showed she wasn't afraid to get into a bathing suit and wrestle against the other divas.

    Clearly characterwise, Guerrero has shown that she can go to the necessary extents to portray herself as overly confident and someone who isn’t afraid of anything.

    Transitioning that attitude into the GM role would make Guerrero an interesting GM to watch.

The Best Choice

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    When all is said and done, there's really no one on the roster who could fill the GM role as well as Vickie.

    Sure, it would be great to have Mick Foley play the GM, but he's nowhere near as active as Vickie.

    Vince always could fill in, but it doesn't seem like we will see the boss play the role he was so good at anytime soon.

    Paul Heyman could be another choice, but he seems busy with the Lesnar angle.

    Which is why, if there was to ever be a real GM again, Guerrero would be perfect. Not only is she one of the better managers on the roster, she's one of the most active.

    She's a fantastic heel, great with promos and gets a huge fan reaction.

    With those key characteristics, Vickie Guerrero would be the perfect choice for GM on both Raw and SmackDown.