25 Ways to Make the EA UFC Game the Best MMA Game Ever

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIIJuly 3, 2012

25 Ways to Make the EA UFC Game the Best MMA Game Ever

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    If you have been on the EA MMA forums lately, you've seen the talk about EA UFC really heating up. Still yet, it could be a year or more before we see the first edition of an EA Sports UFC video game.

    But, that doesn't mean we can't start talking about how to make the game the greatest MMA game ever.

    Around a month ago, I wrote an article about the 15 Best MMA Video Games Ever, so from looking at that article as well as reading all over the Internet about what mixed martial arts gamers want, I've narrowed my list down to 25 ways that EA Sports can create the best MMA video game ever.

Striking Footwork

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    After playing EA MMA as well as all the THQ UFC video games, the one thing none of them have been able to grasp is footwork.

    One of the most important things in striking in MMA is a fighter's footwork. I think if they can get that down in the game, as well as making it look realistic, that'd be a huge step in making the stand-up perfect.

Better 'Rocked' Sequences

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    In the Undisputed series, you have to get hit with about four or five major punches or kicks in a row to become "rocked."

    Most the time in MMA, one clean shot can rock you, and I believe EA should definitely get that into the game. 

    Not so much the "rocked" where you are about to finish the fight, but where the fighter who is hurt just drops and gets right back up or even just drops to a knee or wobbles backward.

    I'd love to see that in a new MMA game.

Unique Stances and Techniques

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    The majority of MMA games have done this for the most part, but I'd like to see even more.

    Instead of THQ just focusing on Anderson Silva or EA on Fedor, I'd love to see EA this time around focus on all the fighters.

    From Silva and GSP at the top to the lowest rated dude on the roster, make sure each guy looks at least a little like he does fighting in real life.

Option for EA Striking or THQ Striking

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    I was really hoping THQ would do this with their installment of UFC Undisputed 3, but that didn't happen.

    Some, such as myself, loved the EA MMA striking where it was all right analog stick with modifiers. All I could think about was how awesome that would be with THQ's striking. 

    So, if EA made the necessarily changes to the striking game plus kept in the option to use the stick to strike or the buttons, the striking portion of the game would be complete.

Clock Options

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    After three installments of UFC Undisputed, I can't believe this never happen.

    Give us some options with the clock. 

    Like, for example, length of rounds: five minutes, three minutes, or two minutes.

    And the biggie for me will be an option to use an accelerated clock like in Undisputed or real-time like in EA.

Stamina System

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    UFC has it right with the stamina system. If EA uses the same stamina system THQ used, it'll work great.

Undisputed Clinch Game

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    THQ's UFC Undisputed has got the clinch game right. I can't even think of one thing to change. 

    EA MMA can just use that control scheme and it'll be set.

Total Grapple Control Option

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    Just like I said about striking, you should have the option to decide which kind of control scheme you want to use on the ground.

    If you want to use the total grapple control like we have while playing UFC Undisputed, you can use that, but if you prefer the much more simple one-button grappling like EA MMA featured, that should be an option as well.

Transition Based Submission System

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    I've had countless discussions with people on both EA and THQ forums about this being in an MMA video game.

    While mini-games such as what Undisputed 3 and EA MMA featured are the simplest concept, it takes away some of the realism that many fans love.

    So, this new concept doesn't 100 percent eliminate the mini-games, but it makes the actual act of going after and getting a submission much more realistic. 

    In all the current games, you click one button, and you're in a submission. I think that's like having one button that knocks your opponent out—and that's definitely not realistic. So, EA UFC should make it to where you have to, first, get a hold of a limb.

    For example, gain wrist control, get rubber guard, trap your opponent's leg, pull your opponent close to your body, and more actual things that usually happen in MMA when setting up a submission.

    Next, you transition to your submission. That would depend on your window of opportunity (because if I notice you're grabbing my wrist, I'm going to jerk it away) as well as yours and your opponent's submissions stats.

    Next, the mini-game. The mini-game should be a little simpler in this situation because you've already done most the work, therefore it shouldn't be impossible to win. At the same time, though, if your opponent has 85 or above sub defense, he should still have a chance to escape.

    It may seem like a lot, but in my opinion, this would upgrade both the submission system as well as the game's overall realism. 

Submission Striking

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    In the previous slide, I went over the transition-based submission system. The one thing I'd also like to add to that is striking during the submission.

    How many guys have you seen just go all out jiu-jitsu style on submission in MMA?

    I want to be able to hammer fist during armbars and elbow during triangles, and during rear naked choke attempts, have the option to swim for the choke or pound my opponent out.

Better Knockout Graphics

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    UFC Undisputed 3 probably is the best right now, but it can still get better.

    I like how they are sometimes just devastating, but the majority of the time, it should really just look like they're rocked.

    The majority of knockouts in MMA are just stoppages, so I'd like to see more guys just covering up instead of always appearing dead.

Better Submission Graphics

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    I like how on UFC Undisputed 3 they have the guy sometimes look pissed after being submitted and sometimes they have the doctors come in to check on him.

    The one thing I'd add is getting choked out. I know that's hardcore, but at this level, you see a lot of guys choose to go to sleep than tap. I think that should be added in the game, maybe just if you get a perfect guillotine or if you submit an elite submission defense guy.

    You could also add maybe an arm break, but I'd want it to happen like leg check TKOs happen in Undisputed 3.

As Many Stats and Attribute Categories as Possible

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    EA MMA had this perfect, but yet, you can still always add more. 

    Undisputed offers you four attribute options and an offense and defense stat on about eight things, I believe. That's not enough if you ask me.

    Having more stat and attribute options will help keep each fighter's, as well as each create-a-fighter's, individuality present. 

Game Sliders

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    I would love the option to use sliders, such as how you can in Madden and NBA 2K.

    No game developer is perfect, so sometimes just giving us four or five difficulty levels of A.I. doesn't work. By adding sliders, each individual gamer can decided what works best for them. 

Camera Angles

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    We should have options on which camera angle we would like to use.

    Also, we should have the option to have a broadcast option in which the angle switches to have a better view on the action. 

    This might confuse you while you're playing, but for fans who like setting up matches and then watching the CPU play it out, this would truly enhance the realism. 

Sponsors, Gyms, and Logo Designer

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    Clothing and tattoos can really make or break certain fighters and create-a-fighters. EA UFC needs to make sure they feature as many sponsors and gym logos as it can in the game.

    Also, it would be nice if EA Sports would feature something similar to the paint tool in UFC Undisputed, where you can create a logo or tattoo and place it on your fighter or fighter's clothing.

UFC Universe Mode

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    If you hate the WWE and their video games, go ahead and skip this slide.

    For the rest, hear me out. Like WWE 12, you have a universe mode where you set-up your event cards each month (or two or three a month) and then play them out. You can create rivalries, title fights, or even super fights!

    You also have the unpredictable aspect where fighters get hurt and have to pull out of the fight, and then you must find a replacement. 

    Add some business prospective as well, such as deciding which venue to feature certain fights, like having guys fight in their hometowns or home countries, then booking the venue. Also, being able to view the attendance, ratings, and pay-per-view numbers for each event.

    For fans who love offline mode, this would be ideal to keep them interested in the game for a long time.

Career Mode

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    I enjoyed EA MMA's career mode, but I think they should have some that have many different scenarios. 

    Also, I like how Undisputed allowed you to use a roster fighter, which EA UFC should do as well.


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    There's many things about the create-a-fighter to mention, so I'll just feature them all in one slide.

    First, unlimited slots. I don't want to have to make a list of 50 guys I want and then decide which are more important than others. I want to make as many guys as I want.

    Second, no limitations on stats. The majority of CAF makers use them for offline purposes, so when I'm trying to make a good heavyweight to compete in my universe mode, I don't want him to be 64 overall.

    You can even make an option online that doesn't allow certain rated CAFs. Easy fix for the online players who hate so-called "Super CAFs."

    Lastly, we need a lot of options. The gameface feature should definitely be back for this game. I'd love to see many name options, including the option for your CAF not to have a nickname. 

    There should be many hair and facial hair options, as well as sliders for face and body. I like the way EA MMA did the weight, where even though you're making a light heavyweight, he could weigh anywhere from 189 to 206. That's perfect and hopefully is kept in the game.

    More height and reach options are a must as well. I'd like to pick what is said about my fighter during his entrance and fights as well. Give us a large selection of options that Joe Rogan can say about the fighter and allow us to choose three.

    Allow us to put a tattoo anywhere and make the entrance fully customizable. From the way he walks out to the way he gets in the cage to the music he walks out to, which we should be able to get off our system's hard drive.

    If all these wishes are granted by EA, we will for once have a perfect create-a-fighter mode.

EA MMA Online

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    The belt system made you feel like you were actually working toward something when you played online on EA MMA.

    When you finally received your title shot and won, you actually felt accomplished. This should no doubt remain in EA UFC.

    Keep around online fight cards and tournaments as well.

    Also, Live Broadcast is a fantastic idea that didn't work well (in my opinion) with EA MMA because the lack of interest in the game by fans who didn't like the roster.

    With UFC talent in the next installment of the game, the Live Broadcast feature will be a major success this time around.

The Ultimate Fighter Mode

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    Fight Night Champion featured the story mode feature, and I personally enjoyed it. Looking at the forums, it looks as if EA Sports hopes to do the same for EA UFC.

    If so, they have to do it using The Ultimate Fighter format.

    UFC Undisputed fans have been calling for some sort of TUF mode for a few years now, but with EA interested in putting a story mode together, there is no better time than now to go through with The Ultimate Fighter in a UFC video game.

The Majority of the UFC Roster

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    If you know EA Sports, they don't play around on rosters. They will get as many fighters into the game as they can, unlike THQ, who for years now has cheated us on some of the best fighters for no reason whatsoever.

    I'm not saying I'm going to be disappointed if every UFC fighter isn't on the game, but I'd like to feel as if there are no major names missing.

MMA Legends

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    This isn't that big of a deal to me, but I know to many it's huge. 

    Include names like Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, Genki Sudo, Fedor, Bas Rutten, Dan Severn, Royce Gracie, and whoever else deserves to be listed alongside these huge names.

Strikeforce Fighters

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    No doubt in my mind we will see Strikeforce talent in the game.

    Considering the majority of top talent that was in Strikeforce is now in the UFC, it may not seem like a big deal, but a couple key names such as Gilbert Melendez, Daniel Cormier, Tim Kennedy, Luke Rockhold, Jacare Souza, and Josh Barnett all come to mind.

    The major name that comes to mind, though, is Ronda Rousey. This game must feature women's MMA. Even if they have to make it a DLC, in some way, shape or form, EA UFC must feature the up-and-coming women of MMA.

Listen to the Fans

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    This is the part EA is already doing and as a huge MMA gamer, it makes me incredibly happy.

    EA developers are already on the forums asking what you, the fans, want to see in the game.

    Whether you love the UFC Undisputed series or you hate it, be sure you check out the forums and make sure your opinion is heard!