What Is Wrong With Baseball?

Logan SchellContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Well, I sit here and I thought to myself "What is wrong with baseball these days?" 

I see that they are doing a good job of trying to clean up the game, but what has happened to America's past time? People used to stand in the middle of the street and check up on the game on a giant scoreboard. Now, people can't watch the game on TV without seeing a baseball player that has been scrutinized because of steroids.

After watching the interview with Peter Gammons and Alex Rodriguez, I thought of how baseball has fallen to a terrible place.  Myself and many others were surprised that a player who not all of us love but respect could have done this to himself and the fans. Yes, he said that it was the times and that he was being stupid and naive, but how could you let something into your body that you don't know anything about?

After seeing Scott Van Pelt be suspended because he criticized the commissioner of baseball for making more money in one year for sitting on his butt than most hard working people make in their lifetime, I am mad at the game. I love it so much and I hope that if you tested positive for performance enhancers, you should have your whole career erased.

If they look the other way about this A-Rod thing what kind of message is that sending to children?

Thanks for reading.