Donovan McNabb: Is There Anything Left in the Veteran's Tank?

Giorgos KassakosAnalyst IJuly 1, 2012

Donovan McNabb believes he'll be an NFL player in 2012.
Donovan McNabb believes he'll be an NFL player in 2012.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb told NBC SportsTalk that there is an “80-to-90 percent chance he’ll be on an NFL roster at the start of the 2012 NFL season” (h/t

The 35-year-old veteran has made efforts to keep himself in the news in the past.

In April, he said he would vote for himself to get in the NFL Hall of Fame. A couple of weeks before that, he expressed serious doubt over Mike Shanahan’s ability to develop Robert Griffin III.

McNabb should know that he isn’t helping himself. He is a former Pro Bowler and one of the most iconic footballers of the decade, but his actions are turning him into a joke.

McNabb struggled the last two years as the starter for the Redskins (2010) and the Vikings (2011). He lost his position before the end of the season both times. Additionally, he only won one game for Minnesota in 2011.

What can McNabb offer to an NFL team in 2012? His status has been damaged beyond repair and there’s nothing left to remind us of the elite signal-caller he was as an Eagle.

One thing is for sure: Not a single team will take McNabb as a starter. The best McNabb can get is a backup spot on a team with a questionable starter. But how many teams match this description?

The Jaguars, Dolphins and Cardinals might be interested, but even they are willing to take the risk with what they already have. Furthermore, even if a team was looking to add a quarterback, what would make them look at McNabb’s way?

McNabb is on his way down and the biggest problem is that he’s been moving this way for too long.

Despite the fact that he was better statistically last year than he was in 2010 and he reportedly lost 20 pounds this offseason to improve his fitness, there’s no evidence that McNabb can be a competent quarterback anymore.

It’s hard to predict if McNabb is really going to be on an NFL roster this season, but if is, it will probably be his last chance to play football at the highest level.