Jack Swagger: Given the Past Week of TV, Is There a Future for Him in WWE?

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJuly 1, 2012

Courtesy of Photobucket.com
Courtesy of Photobucket.com

Lately, if you have been watching WWE TV, you will have noticed that WWE has continued the "loser" storyline for Jack Swagger.

They used the same idea with him about a year ago prior to placing him with Vickie Guerrero. However, nothing really developed from that. It is making me wonder where WWE is going with all of this.

Swagger lost to Santino Marella on Raw and, worse yet, against Tyson Kidd. These losses are so random and pointless. It isn’t clear how WWE sees this as a good storyline.

This is hard to understand given the fact that Swagger is a former World Champion. It would seem that WWE would place more importance in Swagger because of this, but it is not the case.

I actually wonder if the WWE is preparing to part ways with Swagger. There is no logical reason why they continue treating him like an undercard talent when he should be in the main-event mix mix.

If this is where they are going to continue going with Swagger, I think it would be best for him to move on with his career and part ways with WWE. He could go to TNA and perhaps that would tun his career around.

Unless this storyline is leading to a gimmick change and a push, what future is there for Jack Swagger? I certainly hope that his future is not jobbing to Hornswoggle.

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