Cha Ching! Byron Should Get Paid His Dues

Chris DolbowContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Smell that? No, not your best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. That is the smell of six Lombardi trophies sitting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wait, here is another smell, this one also familiar: Money, which is exactly what that guy up there is going to get.

Byron Leftwich is regarded highly throughout the league, it's hard to hate a guy who is a back up behind Big Ben and plays extraordinary when thrown into the fire, and I think everyone hopes Byron will get the money he deserves, especially Steelers fan who will have a bittersweet end to a short journey.

Leftwich arrived with the Steelers when fan favorite Charlie Batch was slammed with an injury in preseason. The battle was between Byron and Culpepper, and had Culpepper not been selfish, this story may not be written right now. Demanding a multi-year deal, Culpepper scoffed at the idea of signing a one-year tender with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Boy, was he wrong.

So the Steelers signed Leftwich, who was the favorite anyway due to his younger age and stronger arm. And it paid dividends for the franchise and the QB.

So after coming in to sub for an injured Ben Roethlisberger twice, Leftwich now has a Superbowl ring- and he earned it, helping the Burgh solidify itself with two wins basically won with the help of Byron. The Steelers made yet another smart move in free agency, kind of how the signings of Mewelde Moore, James Harrison, and Willie Parker have worked out too.

As for Leftwich, he left his ego behind unlike the other quarterback competing against him this past season for the back up spot in Pittsburgh, and now he is riding off into the free agency sunset with a shiny piece of bling on his finger.