Ten Professional Sports Teams in Need of a Makeover

Tim Stoeckle@@TimStoeckleContributor IIIJune 30, 2012

Ten Professional Sports Teams in Need of a Makeover

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    These days in sports, it seems like at least one franchise is re-branding every year.  Whether it is through a new logo, a new uniform or both, franchises re-brand more frequently than they did in the past in order to make more money.

    Some re-brands are minor, like the Charlotte Bobcats' slight color changes over the years or the Carolina Panthers almost unnoticeable change for this upcoming season.

    Other re-brands are complete do-overs, like when the Anaheim Ducks became less mighty or when the Tampa Bay Rays became less devilish.

    A recent trend that has become popular is for franchises to go to a modernized version of an older logo, like the Washington Capitals did in 2007 or the Toronto Blue Jays did this year.

    Here are ten teams that are in need of a makeover; some need more drastic changes than others.   

Cleveland Indians

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    If colleges need to change Native American nicknames, then so should professional sports teams.  Arkansas State changed from the Indians to the Red Wolves and Louisiana-Monroe changed from Indians to Warhawks.  

    The Cleveland Indians logo is about as racist as it gets, and a makeover wouldn't hurt the team.  It's not like they have a winning history with that logo that they need to preserve.

    Even if the team name stays the same, a logo of a C with a feather head dress or something along those lines would work well for the Tribe.  

Washington Redskins

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    Sports fans say "Redskins" so often that they never really think about what it's saying.  If the Skins are going to have a makeover, it needs to be a complete restart, team name and all.  

    A team that's been around since 1932 is unlikely to make any changes, but the smart thing to do would be to change the racist Redskin name and adopt a red, white and blue color scheme to fit in with the other three DC sports teams.  

    Again, if colleges need to avoid "hostile and abusive" team names, then professional sports teams should as well. 

Detroit Pistons

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    What happened to this logo? The Detroit Pistons now have a generic logo that has no connection to the city or team name. On top of that, they have the most over used color scheme in sports.  

    Detroit should go back to the horse logo and color scheme or create a new logo involving a car in order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the league.

    Because right now, they're completely forgettable.  

Los Angeles Clippers

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    If the Clippers want to stop living in the Lakers's shadow, then they need to stop looking like the Lakers.  Compare the two logos and the only real difference is the colors and team name.  

    The Clippers are turning into contenders, and they should re-brand appropriately.  

    This is a case where a professional sports team could take a few notes from a minor league team.  Check out the Columbus Clippers logo.

    That's what LA should be striving for.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    I understand that the Oklahoma City Thunder have only been around since 2008, but they got it wrong from the start.  The logo is boring, unoriginal and lazy.  

    Minor League Baseball's Trenton Thunder have had two primary logos in their history that are each better than OKC's logo.  

    Maybe in a few years, OKC will re-brand. The sooner, the better, because what they have now is a joke.  

Toronto Raptors

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    It's time for the Raptors to get a more intimidating logo.  The team name is so original and can allow for a really creative logo, but what Toronto has now is outdated.

    First thing they need to do is simplify the logo; get rid of the background circle and triangles and make a logo of just a simple, intimidating raptor.  

    I like the change of colors from purple and black to red and black, so that should stay the same.  

New York Jets

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    How about we get a jet in the Jets logo?  

    Even going back to a modernized version of this would be an improvement.  In fact, I think that that old logo would be a great move for the Jets.  

    New York's uniforms and color scheme are fine the way that they are, so if they can get a jet in their logo, they'll be good in my book.  

Dallas Stars

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    The Stars went from having one of the best jerseys in hockey to having the worst.  Not one of the worst, the very worst.  

    The logo could use a makeover, but the jersey is what needs re-working.  Having words across your chest is never the way to go in hockey.  

    I love the green and gold color scheme that the Stars have, and their old uniforms were great, so it's time for a makeover in Dallas.  

San Francisco 49ers

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    I understand that this is a relatively classic logo, but I think it can be improved.  

    I'm picturing an interlocking "SF" with a pick axe sticking into it.  Getting a new logo that incorporates the Gold Rush would be an improvement for the Niners.  

    The current logo has been around since 1968, so it's had it's run.  

Colorado Rockies

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    The Rockies have had one logo in their franchise's history, and it is outdated.  The lettering is boring, and the arch over the mountain top is a 1990s look.  

    Colorado could afford to go for a simple logo, with something like this Nuggets alternate on their hats.  

    The franchise is in a rebuilding stage, and they should start fresh with a new logo.