Alabama Fans Acknowledge Les Miles as a Great Coach.

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

The one hallmark of great coaches has been the preoccupation of opposing fans on that coach. It is like a lighthouse beacon, when the coaches only association with fans is as an adversary. There is no jilted lover syndrome going on in that situation.


These days it seems that the Alabama brethren have as much to write about Les Miles, the current head coach of LSU, as they do about Nick Saban their own head coach. 


Saban being a former LSU head coach gets a lot of press from LSU fans, but it is the jilted lover variety. The difference in the reasons behind the press is huge. LSU benefited with trophies from Saban. The only benefit that Alabama fans can get from Miles is beating him and his Tigers. You want to beat every opponent’s team and coach. You only write about the best opposing coaches. The Big Red Elephant’s fans know this well. There are tons of articles written about one Paul Bryant by opposing fans. Charles McClendon the LSU coach of the Bryant era, although a good coach, has very few articles written about him from Tide fans.


The greatest compliment an opposing fan can give a coach is their focus. That focus is the beginning of bestowing a mythological quality to a coach; it’s the true start of a legend. Alabama fans know so well it is a lot harder to beat a legend.


So on behalf of the whole LSU community, I say thank you to these Crimson Tide fans. I say thank you for starting us down a road that the Alabama fans have already walked. I can say so far its been a great stroll.