WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (June 25-29)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 1, 2012

WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (June 25-29)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has ended and it was quite a good week!

    WWE Monday Night Raw continued to be lackluster, though. The show started out strong, but things went downhill as the night went on.

    TNA Impact Wrestling delivered a very good and solid episode. Featuring a number of good matches and segments, TNA bounced back big time after last week's episode.

    Ring of Honor's June 23 episode of ROH Wrestling was a good show. Featuring three good matches, ROH continues to impress me.

    WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues to be my favorite WWE show as they delivered another solid episode. At this rate, SmackDown will definitely be the "Show of the Year" in terms of WWE, and possibly even in the business as a whole.

    When it comes to "Show of the Week," I want you, the readers to once again decide. Check out this poll to vote on what you thought was the best show this week. The results of last week’s poll will be revealed at the end.

    Included once again are WWE NXT and Superstars, which will start to get included on this list next week!

    Since next week has yet to come, here are my top 10 moments of this week!

No. 10: Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger

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    Tyson Kidd, who mostly competes on Superstars, got the chance to shine here as he defeated Jack Swagger to qualify for the SmackDown Money in the Bank match.

    I was quite happy to find out that everyone was eligible to get into the match. I feared that it would only be for former champions much like Raw's match. Thankfully it's not and everyone will have a shot.

    This match between Tyson and Swagger was a good one as they went back and forth throughout the contest. Tyson is a very talented wrestler, but he rarely gets the chance to showcase his skills on one of the big shows.

    While he has had better matches on Superstars, he proved here that he should be on Raw or SmackDown every week.

    Swagger performed well here, too, but his career seems to be going nowhere. Like Tyson, Swagger is talented inside the squared circle. He has shown time and time again that he can perform.

    I think his character is just so stale, though. He needs a fresh start. He has the ability to get by, but his character doesn't really allow him to show much charisma.

    He either needs a new character or he should be tried out as a face to see where it would go. He deserves better than what he's getting.

No. 9: Christian and Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes and David Otunga

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    These four superstars put on a good tag team match here as the two midcard champions qualified for the Money in the Bank match.

    With Santino and Otunga involved, I wasn't expecting much from this match. While Santino is a good wrestler, he's rarely able to showcase any skills due to his comedy character.

    Leading up to, and at, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Santino was truly at the top of his game. I haven't seen him perform that well in quite some time. After the match, though, he reverted back to his usual comedy.

    I have never been impressed by Otunga in the ring. He seems to be too busy being Chris Masters 2.0 as he's constantly posing in the ring after almost every move. I'm sure he could put on a good match if given the chance, but I'm yet to see that happen.

    Christian and Rhodes were definitely the stars of this match. They have been feuding for a little over a month now and have been delivering very good matches every time they're in the ring with one another.

    The midcard has never looked better thanks to them.

    I'm happy to see Christian in the MITB match. He has been at the top of his game lately and certainly deserves it.

    I hope to see Rhodes get into the match somehow as he's been my pick to win the briefcase since he lost the Intercontinental Championship to Christian at Over the Limit. Perhaps he'll take Santino or Tensai out in some way and take their place.

No. 8: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

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    Despite seeing these three go at it in one way, shape or form many times, this was another good match. The reason it is so low, though, it because I’ve seen it so many times.

    The elimination stipulation was a nice touch as it added a little something that their other matches didn't have. It was good to finally see Daniel Bryan pick up a victory. He's been on the losing end quite a bit lately thanks to A.J., but this time around, he won because of her.

    This storyline just keeps getting more interesting as the weeks go by.

    Due to the result of this match, Punk must now defend his title at Money in the Bank against Bryan.

    Kane has left the feud due to the match being made and his inclusion in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match, but at the same time, he remains in the storyline because of A.J. A.J.'s actions this week will be discussed a little later.

    I'm glad to see Kane out of the feud itself as this really is all about Punk and Bryan. I feel that he was only added to it so that the WWE wouldn't have to have Punk face Bryan one-on-one at three PPVs in a row.

    While they have done that in the past with other feuds, I think that the WWE is realizing that seeing the same match over and over again can get boring. Adding Kane was an overall smart move, but now the main feud between the champion and his challenger can finish up.

No. 7: Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe

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    I've wanted to see this match for a long time now, and thanks to the Bound for Glory series, it happened this past Thursday. I can't remember if they went one-on-one in last year’s series, but Bully Ray's heel character wasn't fully developed yet and Samoa Joe was a shell of himself at the time.

    This time around, the bully is one of the best heels in the business today and Samoa Joe is back to doing what he does best.

    This match did not disappoint by any means. It was hard-hitting, it featured some good action and it showed something that TNA fans haven't seen before.

    Since becoming the bully, Bully Ray has literally bullied everyone. It didn't matter the size of the person he was targeting as he even bullied Abyss for a while. Samoa Joe is someone that can't be intimidated, though.

    For the first time, Bully Ray was up against someone he couldn't bully. He knew that, too, as fans saw the fear in his eyes as the crowd chanted "Joe's gonna kill you!"

    When the BFGS is finished, I would love to see them go into a feud with one another. I think it could be quite the good one, especially if something is at stake.

    My preferred choice would be the Television Championship, but I'll just be happy if they're destroying each other in the ring.

No. 6: ROH Wrestling, June 23

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    Due to my state not getting Ring of Honor's television show, it continues to be a week behind as the show becomes available to me online on Thursdays after its initial airing on Saturdays.

    The entirety of Ring of Honor's June 23 episode of ROH Wrestling has made the list this week due to three good matches.

    The first saw Bob Evans versus Eddie Edwards. This was a more mat-based match as Evans is more of an old-school wrestler. Edwards kept the pace quick, though, with this ability and the occasional high-flying move.

    Edwards is one of the best ROH has right now, but when I think about it, the majority of the roster is the best they have.

    Post-match saw the return of Homicide, who TNA fans would remember as the former partner of Hernandez in the Latin American Xchange. It was good to see the former ROH world champion back in the ring, though that dashes my hopes of an LAX reunion in TNA.

    The second match saw Jay Lethal take on Chris Silvio. It was a bit slow to start, but it picked up as the match went on. This is the first time I've seen Silvio wrestle and I was impressed with him. ROH really know how to pick their roster.

    TNA were huge fools for getting rid of Lethal, especially with the X-Division getting back on track. I think it's only a matter of time before Lethal is holding the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

    Speaking of the world title, world champion Kevin Steen teamed with Jimmy Jacobs to take on Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly in the main event. This was a great match as the action literally never stopped.

    The match got so out of hand that the referee had to declare a no-contest. The most impressive part of the match saw the big Kevin Steen leap over the top rope onto the other three.

    I've seen big men jump over the top before, but seeing Steen do it is awesome. Looking at him, he doesn't look very athletic, but he's one of the best in ROH today.

    Ring of Honor has been impressing me in a big way this year. I think I'm going to start getting their PPVs. I feel it would be well worth it.

No. 5: A.J.

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    I haven't been this big a fan of a Diva since the days of Trish Stratus and Lita. A.J. is just on a roll, though.

    This past Monday on Raw, she was all over the show. She opened it talking to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane about how she feels, but it was soon revealed that she was talking to herself in a mirror.

    She once again skipped around the ring, distracting Kane enough to cause him to get taken out by Punk. This time, though, the distraction ultimately cost Punk and gave Bryan the victory.

    She then laughed manically after being "friend-zoned" by Kane and was ready to take things to the next level with Punk after it seemed like he wanted to break it off.

    After winning the Divas battle royal later on, she celebrated like Bryan with "yes" chants.

    Monday Night Raw was her show this week! She seems to be losing her mind and I love every second of it.

    On SmackDown, she opened the show in a match against Layla and the two Divas put on quite the good match. With some overall nice action, A.J. and Layla delivered what should be the standard for televised Divas matches.

    If they had more time, I feel they could have had an even better match.

    Afterwards, she was announced via WWE.com as the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match between Punk and Bryan. This adds some major intrigue to the storyline.

    Later on in the night, Bryan asked her to seek professional help to which she responded by chanting "yes" and skipping away.

    She and Bryan are pure gold together, especially when they were having a duel "yes" chant after her match with Layla.

    Not only is A.J. my favorite woman on the WWE roster, she's involved in a great storyline. I can't wait to see where this develops as the build to the match is going to get very interesting.

No. 4: The Austin Aries/Bobby Roode Segment

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    This was a great segment right here! Things started out with Austin Aries going over the events of last week, and it ended with Bobby Roode getting in his face and the two arguing over whose ring it was.

    Both Aries and Roode were solid on the mic as their similar personalities clashed in a big way.

    Aries is without a doubt one of the best TNA has to offer and he's proving that with just his mic work. As soon as Aries returned last year, I knew that it was only a matter of time before he was main eventing one of TNA's PPVs.

    When he won the X-Division Championship in September, and held onto it for almost 300 days, he cemented his place as an X-Division great. It was time for him to move on, though, and that's exactly what he's doing.

    Bobby Roode was a tag team wrestler for most of his TNA career. He has won a total of six Tag Team Championships with two different partners and proved to be one of the best tag wrestlers in TNA.

    Much like Aries moving on from the X-Division, Roode was more than ready to move on as well. When he won the world title in November, Roode showed the world that he was in fact ready.

    Since then, he has put on great matches with multiple opponents and has delivered some of the best promos in TNA.

    I think it was destiny that these wrestlers were to fight over the world title. They both think they're the best in TNA and they're clashing in a big way because of that.

    This segment alone got me excited for the feud. I can only imagine how good their match is going to be.

    Destination X is shaping up with a great card, and it's going to be topped off with this match!

No. 3: The X-Division

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    When Austin Aries began to feud with Bully Ray in the spring, the X-Division took a backseat as its champion was feuding with someone outside the division. Even before that, Aries had beaten just about everyone in the division, which left him with nothing to really do.

    Thanks to Destination X, and the new stipulation behind the X-Division Championship, the X-Division could very well be back on track.

    Aries will be giving up the title at the PPV for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. As part of the deal, though, he made it so that the champion can do that every year at Destination X if he so chose.

    With a new champion needed, and the belt gaining some importance, the X-Division really shined this past Thursday.

    A tournament was set up to crown a new champion, with Kid Kash, Zema Ion and Douglas Williams already entered into it. The rest of it will be filled out by wrestlers outside of TNA through qualifying matches.

    The first saw Rubix take on the returning Sonjay Dutt in what was a great X-Division match. With fast-paced action and overall very good wrestling, Sonjay hit an insane moonsault foot stomp to advance to the tournament at the PPV.

    The second match featured two newcomers in Rashad Cameron and Mason Andrews. They too had a great match, impressing the fans who were watching them.

    Cameron ended up qualifying and the tournament currently stands at five wrestlers. I'd imagine there will be eight so that the final four can compete in Ultimate X to crown the new champion.

    The X-Division seems to be back on track and I couldn't be more excited. I just hope it stays that way after Destination X.

No. 2: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler: World Heavyweight Title

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    Multi-man matches seem to be a favorite of WWE these days, but there are no complaints from me. Each match has delivered and this one was no different.

    As Sheamus retained his World Heavyweight Championship, all three men gave the WWE Universe a good triple-threat match.

    Sheamus has been quite the world champion since winning the world title. All of his title defenses since WrestleMania have been very good. Whether he was facing Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler or multiple opponents in a fatal four-way or triple-threat match, the Great White Sheamus has been delivering.

    Ziggler has been giving fans a show for a while now, but he was never given the opportunity to shine in the main event until now. Injuries and suspensions, while unfortunate for those out of action, certainly worked in his favor.

    Ziggler has been having top-notch matches with the likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, Christian and Sheamus for the past few months now. His rise to the top is a slow one, but he's reaching the main event.

    He may be out of it for the rest of the summer, but I have a feeling that the fall season will belong to the Showoff.

    Alberto Del Rio has been boring me since his debut. His matches weren't anything special and his promos usually put me to sleep. Lately, though, he has had me glued to my television during his matches.

    Just the past two weeks, Del Rio delivered a good match with Christian and had this match on SmackDown. Del Rio is finally getting my attention and it's about time.

    With his recent performances, I'd actually like to see him with the World Heavyweight Championship.

No. 1: The TNA Tag Team Championship Match

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    While this wasn't as good as their match at Slammiversary, this was still a very good match! Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian once again proved to be four of the absolute best in the business today.

    I liked the swerve at the end as well. Throughout the night, Kazarian teased a breakup with Daniels since the Fallen Angel lied to him about the Styles/Dixie affair.

    I personally didn't want them to break up at all as they make a great team.

    The ending saw Kazarian tell Styles to "finish him [Daniels] off" only to hit him in the back with a chair to win the tag titles once again. I'm glad they're sticking together. Daniels and Kazarian could really help in revitalizing TNA's once-great tag team division.

    The storyline got thrown another curveball as well. Styles is apparently the father of Claire's baby, but I have a feeling that's just another lie.

    This may be the end of the team of Styles and Angle, though I'd imagine they'd get their rematch at some point. It wouldn't be at Destination X as Styles and Daniels will be going at it in Last Man Standing while Angle will be facing Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory series match.

    I think the rematch will occur at Hardcore Justice where the final stages of the storyline will emerge.

Last Week’s Poll Results/Vote for This Week’s Best Show

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    Here are the poll results from last week of what you thought was the “Show of the Week”:

    • WWE SmackDown: 24.4%
    • TNA Impact Wrestling: 24.4%
    • WWE NXT: 20%
    • WWE No Way Out: 13.3%
    • WWE Raw: 8.9%
    • ROH Wrestling: 6.7%
    • WWE Superstars: 2.2%

    The readers have spoken and it seems like you were split between WWE SmackDown and TNA Impact Wrestling as they received the same number of votes.

    I thank everyone for casting their vote!

    Now you can vote once again if you want, this time for what you thought was the best show this week. So cast your vote and the results will be revealed next week!