Nike Hyperdunk Plus: Next Generation Kicks Making Traditional Shoes Obsolete

Steven Gerwel@Steve_GerContributor IIIJune 30, 2012

When some of us were playing basketball in grade school during the 90’s, the Shawn Kemp Kamikaze Reeboks where one of the hottest sneakers on the market (along with Air Jordans).

Other than air pumps, the most technologically advanced feature the Kamikazi had to offer was a black lightning bolt-shaped patch of leather on the side.

But at some point, the easily-amused youth were no longer impressed by mind-blowing shapes of fabric. Now, shoes are entering a new age that features computer technology.

Back then, just the thought of a computer in a shoe would have caused brain aneurisms. But thanks to both Nike and modern times, the age of the smart shoes has arrived.

On June 29, Nike released their highly-anticipated 2012 Hyperdunk Plus sneakers. The computerized kicks use built in sensors and Flywire technology, which allows you to collect stats and measure your performance.

At just $250 dollars, here are some of the features according the

  • Nike+ sensors measure your vertical, quickness and hustle
  • Nike+ app lets you share and compare your stats and videos
  • Lunarlon and Flywire technologies combine for exceptional cushioning and support
  • Foam and mesh upper for breathability and long-lasting wear
  • Solid rubber outsole with enhanced traction pattern and pivot circle
  • Sport Pack includes two Nike+ shoes, two Sport Sensors, one Sport Charger and one Sport Adapter
  • One-year limited warranty on Nike+ electronics

The impressive ability to track your speed, vertical and hustle also allows you to upload your results on social networking websites. Also, it gives you a chance to compete and share stats with friends who also own the shoes.

The ability to analyze which aspects of your game are up to par and which areas are lacking will also give you an idea of what exercises and workouts are most needed in order to improve your game.

The Nike+ workout app for Android and iPhones has already been available for quite some time. Now that Nike has released some heavy-duty hardware to go along with the app, it’s clear that they are leading the way (as usual) and dictating the future of athletic shoes.

The day of the Kamikazi kicks are long gone, but in return, Nike has provided a glimpse into the next generation.