Tribute to the WWE Spanish Announce Table

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Tribute to the WWE Spanish Announce Table
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The Spanish announce table is resilient and brave, an underappreciated player in the wrestling game.   

Regardless of how many pedigrees and RKOs it has faced, how many times it has been destroyed, it returns the next night, ready to do its job. 

There have been numerous times where it has broken under the weight of a WWE wrestler.  It has also decided to be stubborn at times, refusing to snap, standing strong even in the face of a piledriver. 

If there's a table to be demolished, more often than not, it's the Spanish announce table to go.  Once when John Cena was going to send Heath Slater through the English announce table, CM Punk told him he had the wrong table.

The Spanish-language commentators rarely seem to be able to work in peace. 

They're often forced to work in dangerous conditions without much of their equipment.  During his match against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XIX, Hulk Hogan inadvertently clocked Hugo Savinovich with a chair.  

Let's revisit some of the Spanish announce table's biggest and most breathtaking moments.     

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