Tribute to the WWE Spanish Announce Table

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 10, 2012

Tribute to the WWE Spanish Announce Table

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    The Spanish announce table is resilient and brave, an underappreciated player in the wrestling game.   

    Regardless of how many pedigrees and RKOs it has faced, how many times it has been destroyed, it returns the next night, ready to do its job. 

    There have been numerous times where it has broken under the weight of a WWE wrestler.  It has also decided to be stubborn at times, refusing to snap, standing strong even in the face of a piledriver. 

    If there's a table to be demolished, more often than not, it's the Spanish announce table to go.  Once when John Cena was going to send Heath Slater through the English announce table, CM Punk told him he had the wrong table.

    The Spanish-language commentators rarely seem to be able to work in peace. 

    They're often forced to work in dangerous conditions without much of their equipment.  During his match against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XIX, Hulk Hogan inadvertently clocked Hugo Savinovich with a chair.  

    Let's revisit some of the Spanish announce table's biggest and most breathtaking moments.     

Shane McMahon WrestleMania 17

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    The Spanish announce table served as the hub of a good portion of the action of the Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon Street Fight.

    With his daddy prone on the cleared off table, Shane McMahon climbed to the top rope.  After diving through the air as he has done so often before, there was no one there to meet him.

    Shane's elbow drove into the table.  The table flattened out, lying unmoving on the floor, just like the two McMahons in the match.

    The announce table also provided weapons for Shane to pummel his father with. 

Triple H and Kurt Angle vs. the Table

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    The Rock may have won the Triple Threat match against Triple H and Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship, but the Spanish announce table had a victory of its own.

    Triple H had Kurt Angle set up for the pedigree, ready to drive the Olympic gold medalist's face into the table, but the Spanish announce table changed the plans.  It gave out prematurely, and Angle and The Game fell awkwardly.

    Angle took the worst of the spill. 

    Triple H broke kayfabe in order to check on him. 

Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk

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    At SummerSlam 2009, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy fought for the World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match.

    The Spanish announce table provided part of the T in TLC. 

    In one of Hardy's many jaw-dropping daredevil moves, he dives onto Punk and the table rattles from the impact.  Hardy’s neck whipped forward and his body curled up in pain. 

    The cracking sound of the table breaking was nearly as loud as the crowd's reaction. 

Double Rock Bottom

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    The Rock and Triple H's WWE Championship match at Backlash 2000 had plenty of memorable action, but nothing as impactful as seeing Shane McMahon and Triple H both collide with the announce table. 

    The double Rock Bottom was an explosion of flesh through table.

    Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler looked on, surely glad the crash didn't happen closer to them.

    Vince McMahon overacted with his open-mouthed reaction.  Considering he probably conceived of the spot itself, we can certainly forgive him.

John Laurinaitis' Sendoff

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    No Way Out 2012 saw the Spanish announce table's most recent confrontation with WWE personnel.

    After Big Show lost his cage match to John Cena, John Laurinaitis was subject to Vince McMahon's guttural "You're fired" and an Attitude Adjustment through the table.  

    This was the dismal match's most exciting moment, Mr. Excitement himself taking a painful bump.  

    The event ended with a supposedly fired Laurinaitis lying flat across a broken and defeated Spanish announce table, the two losers falling victim to Cena.  

Vince Steals the Leg Drop

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    How many CEOs would be willing to do this for their company?

    Wrestling against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania XIX, a bloody Vince McMahon climbed to the top of a ladder and leaped onto his bloody opponent.  Using Hogan's own leg drop against him, McMahon helped flatten the Spanish announce table.

    One could nitpick about how awkward McMahon looked performing the move, but it was still a big-time, exciting moment.

Hell in a Cell, King of the Ring 1998

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    Mankind's career and life-threatening bump needs little introduction. 

    When Undertaker threw him off the cell, he followed tradition and had him crash into the Spanish announce table.  Had he thrown him into Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's table, we may never have heard JR's famous, unforgettable call.

    "Good God Almighty! Good God Almighty! They've killed him!"

    The table would not recover from the impact.  Mankind, on the other hand, got up and continued to fight, forever adhering himself to wrestling fans' hearts. 

Rock Bottom

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    The Rock and Stone Cold more than made up for all the tables they destroyed together with their record-breaking ticket sales and merchandise.

    Both men have driven each other through tables numerous times. 

    Here, the impact of flesh on wood delivers a loud cracking and thud, igniting a trademark Jim Ross emotional outburst. 

    Despite looking like he's knocked out cold here, Austin went on to win and retain his WWE title.

Randy Orton Goes Crazy

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    After losing his temper and his World Heavyweight Championship in his match against Christian at Money in the Bank 2011, Randy Orton dragged his opponent out to the announce table for a vengeful whooping.

    Despite two RKOs, the Spanish announce table stood firm.

    It was not going to be flattened this night.  Orton used the moment to charge up the crowd with a demented smile.

    Christian may be have been the official winner, but seeing that he ended the night on his back in a daze, the real winner is the Spanish announce table, defiant and sturdy.   

Badd Blood

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    Before Mankind upped the ante a year later, Shawn Michaels used a crash through the Spanish announce table to elevate his battle with the Undertaker. 

    The dramatic fall from the side of the Hell in a Cell, along with Kane's debut and a major league beatdown courtesy of the Undertaker all added up to a five-star match. 

    The Spanish-language commentators tumbled out of the way as Michaels' body torpedoed through wood and wires, a broken mess on the floor. 

Booker T Slays a Giant

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    In order for Booker T to defeat the monstrous Big Show, he needed the assistance of an unmanned Spanish announce table.  The commentators are forced to stay far from their work area and huddle next to Jerry Lawler.

    Booker T flies and scissor kicks Big Show's face into an exploding table.  The table, and the surrounding chairs for that matter, were no match for Show’s massive frame. 

    He follows with a Houston Hangover for the upset win. 

Punk’s Revenge

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    CM Punk and Chris Jericho's bitter feud led to a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules 2012, where Punk used a kendo stick, a chair, a fire extinguisher and a flying elbow drop through a table to lay the smackdown on Jericho.

    Punk momentarily lost his balance on the top rope but regained it and nailed a crushing blow as Michael Cole said, "through the gut."

    The table gave away, knowing it's better not to interfere with a man seeking vengeance. 

WrestleMania XX

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    The classic Triple Threat Match between Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chris Benoit at WrestleMania XX for the World Heavyweight Championship was so filled with powerful moments and dramatic action that the Spanish announce table's part in the fun may be overlooked.

    A bloody Michaels and Triple H double-teamed Benoit.

    A scintillating suplex sent the Wolverine crashing through the Spanish announce table.  Benoit would of course recover and slap the Crossface on Triple H for his first and only World Heavyweight Championship.