Outlawing the A-11 Is a Disgrace to the Game of Football

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IFebruary 14, 2009

The decision by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHSA) to outlaw the use of the A-11 offense disgraces the sport of football and the evolution of the game.

The A-11 offense utilized the "scrimmage kick" loophole, and created upwards of 16,000 combinations of receivers.

So why would this be outlawed?  I'll tell you...It is simply because the coaches opposing the A-11 are inept at creating a successful defensive scheme against it.

Why is it coaches can whine because another coach was innovative and smart?  Why is it coaches can't use the same ingenuity to create a defense geared towards defending the innovative offense?

I blame lazy and unintelligent coaches.

It took brilliance to create the A-11.  Why can't brilliance create a new defense?

Instead, coaches went to the NFSHSA to whine and cry because they were too stupid to figure out what it would take to defend the A-11.

What those coaches are also doing is this.  They are single-handily keeping the game from growing and evolving.  They, inevitably, want the game to remain with its few schemes and its few defenses.  They don't want to think, they don't want to try, they simply just don't want to do anything more than the basics they already know.

I am simply disgusted at these coaches.  What is next?  Outlawing the Wildcat Formation?  Outlawing the Victory Formation because they can't do anything to get the ball back?  It is stupid of them, and a complete insult to football.