Money in the Bank 2012: Reasons to Root for Every MITB Entrant so Far

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 2, 2012

Money in the Bank 2012: Reasons to Root for Every MITB Entrant so Far

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    The Money in the Bank 2012 ladder matches on July 15 will feature future Hall of Famers, promising young talent and secondary champions vying for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship.

    Only two of those men can emerge the winners, and chances are that many fans’ favorites won’t be the ones making that final climb up the ladder.

    We can grow bitter and gripe or we can find reason to jump on other wrestlers’ bandwagons.

    Some MITB entrants are more difficult to cheer for than others, but with a little effort, fans can be happy with any of the wrestlers who leave the US Airways Center with the sought-after briefcase.  

Chris Jericho

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    In what is likely Chris Jericho’s final run with WWE, he will fight for another shot at CM Punk’s WWE Championship.  Punk and Jericho have put on some of 2012’s finest matches so far and one more encounter could prove to be the best.

    Before he rides off to become a full-time rock star, why not root for Jericho to add another accomplishment to his Hall of Fame resume?

    There is a certain symmetry of having Jericho, an entrant in the first-ever MITB match and the kayfabe creator of the match end his career as the latest Mr. Money in the Bank. 

    Jericho winning would equal more scathing promos and another Punk vs. Jericho classic, unless Bryan pulls out a victory.


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    This will be Kane’s sixth Money in the Bank ladder match.

    Rooting for Kane is rooting for the long-time workhorse to be rewarded like he was in 2010, for the veteran to be given another symbol of respect from WWE. 

    It also allows the AJ, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane story to continue.  That means more intrigue, more chokeslams on the champ and more of AJ.   

    And any excuse to give AJ more screen time is a cause worth supporting. 

Big Show

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    Much like booking Kane to win the MITB would be show of respect and appreciation to a long-time veteran, a Big Show win would be several parts sentiment.

    Besides that, a reason to root for Big Show is to have a story of revenge play out. 

    If Daniel Bryan were able to defeat CM Punk and a freshly crowned 400 lb Mr. Money in the Bank winner came into charging down the aisle, briefcase in hand, the crowd would erupt.

    In addition, a Big Show victory equals a John Cena loss.    

John Cena

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    The clear favorite and the most divisive wrestler in history enters his first Money in the Bank ladder match.  For many, it’ll be next to impossible to root for John Cena because he’s won so many titles already and because they’re tired of seeing him on top.

    For the “Cena sucks!” portion of the crowd, there are only two reasons to get behind him.

    The first you’ve likely heard before is that Cena is a great guy outside of the ring.  He is a tireless charity worker and works hard as WWE’s ambassador to kids and the military.

    The other reason is that it’s just easier to give in. 

    Fans who can manage to switch sides and be pro-Cena will be much happier.  It’s clear that WWE wants him in the spotlight for years to come.  Rooting for Cena is like surrendering to the newest ever-present pop song—accepting its flaws and trying to enjoy it for what it is.

Damien Sandow

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    As much as fans are digging the language-rich promos of WWE’s intellectual savior, it’s too early for him to become Mr. Money in the Bank. 

    Still, it’d be fun to see what Sandow does once shoved into the limelight.

    Having Sandow win the MITB now would signal a full-on youth revolution.  It would be a major shift from relying on old veterans and part-timers to giving young promising stars a chance early on in their careers. 

    Plus handing Sandow the MITB briefcase means more compelling promos and snobbery.  

Tyson Kidd

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    Fans who root for the underdog will have no trouble giving Tyson Kidd their support.

    The fantastically talented in-ring performer has had very little significant opportunities with WWE.  Just being a part of the MITB is a major victory for him.

    A Kidd victory would be the most dramatic and the most shocking. 

    It would show WWE’s willingness to take risks and step out of their comfort zone.  Kidd doesn’t have the momentum that most MITB winners have, but letting him pull that briefcase down would cause a reverberating reaction from the crowd.

    Kidd winning gives hope to every underappreciated hard worker, to every undersized wrestler.  


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    Tensai’s ring skills have improved from his time in Japan and he could have made an impact upon his return had his gimmick not been a concrete block tied to his foot.

    The experiment is not working and WWE hasn’t been willing to give up on him just yet.

    A Tensai win at Money in the Bank would elicit a groan from every wrestling fan watching at home.  The only reason to root for him to come out on top is to have this out-of-date gimmick put to rest. 

    If Tensai plucks that briefcase off its hook and the crowd boos viciously and if every appearance thereafter either has fans spitting venom or sitting stone-faced, then WWE will be forced to stop trying to sell us Tensai.

Santino Marella

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    When Santino seemed to be closing in on a victory at Elimination Chamber 2012 over Daniel Bryan, the crowd swelled with excitement. 

    Even as ridiculous as it’d be for him to win the MITB, there is something electric about this ultimate underdog and lovable buffoon getting close to major championship gold. 

    Santino as World Heavyweight Championship seems like a stretch, but perhaps WWE could have him cash in the title and lose in embarrassing fashion.

    Much like his record elimination at Royal Rumble, having him stumble when trying to cash in could make for an unforgettable comedy moment.   


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    The most accomplished wrestler in this match is deserving of another title run.

    Christian has been an important and exciting part of WWE for 14 years.  He’s wrecked his body for the sake of entertainment, battling in more ladder-centered matches than anyone. 

    As World Heavyweight Champion and number one contender in 2011, Christian flourished, providing classic matches and emotional moments. 

    At 38, Christian doesn’t likely have a whole heap of time left and winning the MITB and cashing it in would give fans the chance to enjoy a charismatic and highly skilled champion.