XWA: WWE No Way Out Predictions!

XWA DiggContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Edge vs. The Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov—Taker

Elimination Chamber for the World Championship: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Mike Knox vs. Kofi Kingston—Jericho

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Fit Finlay—Jack Swagger

Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon in a No Holds Barred match—Randy Orton

JBL vs. Shawn Michaels. If Michaels wins, JBL will pay him the full amount owed on their services contract and he will no longer be working for him. If JBL wins, he obtains all rights to Shawn Michaels' name and likeness for marketing purposes—Shawn Micheals

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