The WWE In 2009

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 14, 2009

In 2009 there are alot of question's going into the year. The WWE status right now is on the right path and certain superstars could come out if retirement—some could return to the WWE—some could retire.

I believe this could be the year of the unexpected, but that's me. The WWE is nearly about roughly about a month and a half away and there is no matches yet set in stone but some are being build on. We don't know what to expect at this year's WrestleMania in Houston, Texas.

One thing the WWE will have to do is spice up the story lines this year. The WWE has started on the right foot with Orton vs McMahon's. WrestleMania XXV will be one for the ages and the possible matches would make this one probably the second best WrestleMania (No. 1 WrestleMania III).

With matches like Cena vs Orton, Matt vs Jeff, HBK vs Taker, and Edge vs HHH and the great part there could possible return if he decide's to wrestle even though it's very slim that Stone Cold will face Jericho.

Then you have the Money In The Bank, plus there will be 4-5 other matches added to this years WreslteMania.


What happens after WrestleMania?

The Draft will take place in Atlanta, Gerogia on April 13, 2009 and it's projected to have alot of shakeup's this year. Who is going were?

Rumor has it and only speculation that Triple H is going Raw, Christian is going SD, and all these other rumors. I think WWE will have a draft similar to 2008—a lot of big names going to other shows. Speculation is speculation—so until then we leave it at that.

After the WrestleMania and the draft we will have Backlash, Judgement Day, and Extreme Rules. I expect to see alot of re-matches and some new story lines starting. I think this year Night of Champions might see alot of title changes but that's me.

The WWE will have the Bash, SummerSlam, and so on so forth and the WWE will get back to form with better story lines and better match-ups. The WWE should get to rebuilding their tag team division and bring back titles like Cruiserweight and Hardcore.

The WWE will have to do a lot because for a period, TNA was on a roll but have slowed done and now is Vince's chance to blow TNA out of the water.

The WWE will have big year and i see the future shinning in 2009.

Go out and vote on my brackets for the greatest wrestler.

-Adrian Staehle