NCAA Sophmores for the NFL Draft

tom chase@22qnf1 Contributor IFebruary 14, 2009

In my opinion and it's just that, I believe that even if you are red-shirted in collage football, that you should be required to play at least three years. I don't know how being on the bench your red-shirt year could count as playing time.

Rhis year we have a number of sophomores coming out into the draft. I realize that players like Crabtree, Stafford, and Moreno all had great years and in some positions on a team don't last that long like a running back. However, I think playing three years after you get red-shirt would be a huge advantage to a player.

If you're a great college player you're going to most likely go to an NFL team that had a bad luck year or just plain bad. I would think that it would be for more valuable to gain an extra year of playing time to learn blitz coverage and double coverage, if you go to a team that's bad in any position most likely that team does not have many good players, and the other team will be looking to stop any and all activity from their top picked player.

If the Lions make a surprise pick and take Crabtree with their first overall pick as a huge surprise or not really cause they've done it before they already have a top first round pick in Johnson, so that is the one exception to the rule, only because they also have a second first round pick and could either get an offensive linemen or a quarterback if they haven't picked one up in free agency.