Viral Video Breakdown: Wimbledon, Carmelo Anthony and Hottest Clips of the Week

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 29, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: Wimbledon, Carmelo Anthony and Hottest Clips of the Week

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    We have had a week of Wimbledon, trick shots and NBA players finding out they make horrible soccer stars. 

    Yes, it's pretty much par for the course for another rousing edition of Viral Video Breakdown. 

    Sit back and click through the most memorable moments pertaining to brief videos of hilarity. For those who want to keep up with the latest in viral funnies, you have come to the right place. 

    Mike Dunleavy's face gets demolished, a cameraman stumbles and Michelle Beadle's recent guest bumbles. 

    This is as much fun as you can cram into several minutes. 

    I doubt we left anything out, but you never know. If you have a suggestion for the breakdown or just want to chime in with how the latest week went down, let your thoughts be known in the section below. 

    Let's get to a magical week of videos. 

Michelle Beadle Watches as Dan O'Brien Falls

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    Dan O'Brien attempts the simple task of sitting. 

    Lucky for us and Michelle Beadle, this interview got interesting real fast. I say he stuck the landing and give him a 9.5. 

    More Information: Watch Dan O'Brien Collapse in Front of NBC Sports' Newest

Bulgarian Sprinter Blows out Knee

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    Georgi Kirilov Georgiev just wanted to win the 100-meter at the Helsinki European Athletics Championships. 

    When he seems to get a muscle pull, he merely wanted to finish the race. However, when he destroys his leg, he pretty much just wants the pain to go away. 

    This video is not for the squeamish of you out there. 

    More Information: Bulgarian Sprinter Suffers Horrible Leg Injury

Awesome Golf Trick Shot

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    If there is a king of the golf trick shots, this would be it. 

    This guy had me at dribbling the golf ball but still managed to amaze me further with the final blow, a perfect drive off a ball falling from the back of his neck. 

    More Information: Watch the Best Golf Trick Shot You'll See Today

Elton Brand Destroys Mike Dunleavy Jr.

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    Elton Brand and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. were at Steve Nash's Showdown in Chinatown soccer match. The best moment of the day was watching Elton Brand try to score on goal. 

    Instead, he bounced one off of Mike Dunleavy's face. Yes, athletes can be very bad at sports they are not used to playing. 

    More Information: Watch Elton Brand Smash Mike Dunleavy Jr.'s Face

AJ Hawk Sends Man into the Drink

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    AJ Hawk was joined by other Ohio State alums in a pickup game for charity. The football clash on the golf links was to raise money for after school programs for at-risk youths.

    All goodwill goes out the window when Hawk watches a rival catch the ball, giving him the perfect opportunity to pop him into next week, and the water hazard. 

    More Information: Watch Packers Linebacker Lay out Fan at Charity Event

Egg Russian Roulette

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    Welcome to Swaton, a village within Lincolnshire, England. 

    This is the Russian Roulette World Championships, which is like the actual Russian Roulette, only with more egg yolk and less untimely death. 

    More Information: Watch Hilarious Egg Russian Roulette World Championships

Youth Hockey Coach Trips Young Hockey Player

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    If you want a winner for the Jerk of the Week award, this youth hockey coach would be the guy. 

    UBC Hornets coach Martin Tremblay states he merely tripped on the ice, but that's hard to find by watching and re-watchig this video. 

    No, it looks like he goes for one of the most deplorable actions I have seen. 

    More Information: Deplorable Adult Coach Trips Opposing Player

Michael Strahan Striptease

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    Channing Tatum was on Live! with Kelly this week to talk about his new movie Magic Mike, a movie about an older stripper taking a younger one under his wing. 

    This is all Michael Strahan needed to rip off some tear-away pants and get the women in the audience screaming. 

    You can't unsee this. 

    More Information: Watch Giants Legend Strip Tease on Live! with Kelly

Carmelo Anthony Pranks Museum Patrons

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    Knicks' star Carmelo Anthony was at Madame Tussauds museum in Times Square on Tuesday. Instead of merely unveiling his new wax figure, he decided to have some fun with fans. 

    Watch as one patron after another suffers a Melo scare. And this is why I never enter wax museums. 

    More Information: Watch Knicks' Melo Scare Wax Museum Patrons

Elena Vesnina Watches as Cameraman Stumbles

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    It was a great week of tennis at Wimbledon, but one of the more memorable moments came after a match. 

    Elena Vesnina was coming off a stunning win over Venus Williams when a cameraman failed at the task of walking backwards. 

    It was a horrible week for balance and a great one for gravity. 

    More Information: Clumsy Cameraman's Fall Draws Laugh from Elena Vesnina

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