Nike Hyperdunk Plus: Sneakers Will Lead Way for Performance-Tracking Shoes

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IIJune 29, 2012

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The new Nike Hyperdunk Plus basketball shoes will revolutionize the market for performance-tracking shoes. 

These are not the first sneakers that record information about an athlete’s training session, but they are the first to be subject to a Nike marketing campaign of this magnitude. 

Videos and promos are being plastered everywhere by the sportswear giant, and LeBron James will show off the new kicks at the 2012 Olympics

The shoes come equipped with a microchip that records various movements and can help athletes identify strengths and weaknesses. The Nike store explains:

The Nike Hyperdunk+ Sport Pack measures your vertical leap every time you leave the floor. It tracks your highest jump, average jump height and total jumps per game, along with your steps per second, quickest moments and more - and then converts your activity to NikeFuel points. All you need is the Nike+ app to instantly see and share your stats through your social networks. 

As with most of Nike’s shoes, the new model is fully customizable. Different options for colors, soles and personal embroidery are available for a base price of $250.

Nike can even make these shoes glow in the dark. 

With Nike pushing these sneakers through every advertising channel possible, the shoes will already be well-known by the time the Olympics start. 

Once fans see James dunking all over the world at the London Games, young ballers everywhere will be sold. 

Going forward, the technology will continue to improve, as technology always does. The next generation will have more features, and all the kinks and bugs will be worked out. 

As these shoes get better, more and more people will be willing to buy them. 

Once performance-tracking basketball shoes become more of a regular item, one might even be able to grab a pair for less than $250.