Mike Martz's Conspiracy Theory

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

Mike Martz thinks everyone is out to get him.

“People are determined to keep me out of the league.  It’s been going on for three years and at this point, I can’t fight it.  I just can’t fight it.  Three years of people putting it out there that I’m a high-maintenance lunatic.

I keep asking, ‘Who says these things?’  No one will tell you.  But I just put two and two together.  But when you have a tag and the same damaging things get said two or three times it becomes very hard to shake that tag.”

Are you on drugs, Mike?  You know, something like those magic mushrooms that make you see purple smurfs?  Maybe, just maybe, you are having trouble finding work because you have been a complete loser for the past three years!

Why would you ever choose to go to Detroit and then San Francisco.  I think I’d rather go waterboarding in Cambodia than coach those teams.

You dug your own grave, Mike.  Stop pointing the finger!

Original image via NE