Maple Leafs' CL No Longer: I Apologize Leafs Writers

Tyler HillAnalyst IFebruary 14, 2009

This morning as I awoke from a night’s sleep readily awaiting the upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Maple Leafs I went immediately to BR to the Leafs page to write in the CL message box only to discover I had been removed from my Community Leader status.

Before this article is deleted by members of the BR office I want to say this is not me begging for my CL status back, more an apology to the people I must have let down in order to receive this demotion.

After I had seen I was no longer a CL I thought it must have just been a glitch, so I checked my E-mail to see if there was any evidence to back this up. It was in my e-mail were I discovered I really was no longer the Leafs CL as I opened an Email by a BR official saying he had “...received complaints from other Leafs writers.”

To the leaf writers that complained about me, first I will apologize for whatever I did and certainly meant to harm by anything that was said, but also, if you are reading this article I must know why you complained about me? There is nothing I have done, to my knowledge that was offensive.

To my fellow Leafs writer, weather you complained about me being the Leafs CL or not, I will once again apologize for failing you as the CL.

However, I have taken some time and I have decided that, even though I am no longer listed as a Community Leader, I will still try and be active as CL would, if anyone needs to know anything or has any questions at all please feel free now, and always, to ask me and I will do my best to respond thoughtfully and intelligently.